Our tips for decongesting puffy eyes

Swelling of the eyes can be a frequent phenomenon, find simple and natural solutions to remedy it quickly! If you sometimes wake up with puffy eyes in the morning, you know it can take a long time before they return to their usual shape. However, there are plenty of homemade and natural tips to help […]

3D sectional imaging in dental surgery

Radiography is indispensable in the field of dentistry. It allows a precise examination of the tooth structure and enables accurate diagnoses to be made. It is also useful if surgery is planned. In recent years, with the rapid evolution of technology, 3D sectional imaging has been used more and more in dental surgery. What does […]

Fitting a dental crown: what you need to know

Almost everyone is confronted with the placement of a dental crown at some point. But when do you have this type of prosthesis? Are there different types? What is a dental crown? A dental crown is a shell-shaped prosthesis that looks like a cap that is placed on a damaged, broken, worn or even devitalized […]

6 draining plants to eliminate naturally

It is important to help the body to eliminate properly in order to avoid the accumulation of toxins, digestive problems and poor circulation. Find all our advice in this article. Day and night, our bodies produce toxins. Some of these toxins are eliminated automatically and naturally, but for the rest, our body can store them. […]

Hot flashes: homeopathy can help you

All of a sudden you turn all red, you start to feel very hot, to sweat, even in the middle of winter… What a calamity these hot flashes that poison our lives, day and night. What if you tried homeopathy to alleviate all these symptoms? Systematic treatment in the pre-menopause period. From the onset of […]

Is it still necessary to use homeopathy?

What is homeopathy? Homeopathy is part of what is known as alternative medicine. It was invented 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnermann, a German doctor. The operating principle is quite simple. It does not focus on treating the symptoms of an illness, but on the patient’s general state of health. By getting the body to […]

The 12 essential oils to have at home

We hear more and more about essential oils, they are effective against many ailments, but it is often difficult to know which ones are the most useful. We have therefore selected for you, the 12 essential oils that are essential to have at home. Basil With its action on the nervous system, basil essential oil […]