3rd and 4th generation pills: increased risk of confirmed venous thrombosis

A new study has just confirmed the increased risk of blood clots with 3rd and 4th generation pills compared to patients not using pills and compared to those using 1st and 2nd generation pills. The controversy continues The controversy surrounding the 3rd and 4th generation pills had erupted at the end of 2012 when Marion […]

The contraceptive implant: continuous contraception for 3 years

The contraceptive implant is a little-known method of contraception. However, it is more than 99% reliable and is a good compromise when you cannot tolerate IUDs or when you forget your pill too often. Read all about this contraceptive system. What is a contraceptive implant? The contraceptive implant is a contraceptive system that allows the […]

I use tampons: is it dangerous?

Recently, it was learned that a 27-year-old American model, Lauren Wasser, suffered toxic shock from prolonged tampon wear. This extremely rare event resulted in the amputation of her right leg. To better understand the cause of this type of problem and to find out if it can happen frequently, Dr. Lionel Reyftmann, a gynecologist based […]

Female Viagra is finally coming out

Announced some time ago, Female Viagra has just been approved for the American market. How does this new drug work? Is it a real revolution for women? The pink pill will soon be on sale in the United States We knew the famous blue pill, but since August, we can also count on the little […]

Spice up your married life – Make your sex life a success

While having a fulfilling sex life does not necessarily guarantee good health, it has a strong effect on morale and therefore generates additional well-being. The love market: in full evolution While having a fulfilling sex life does not necessarily guarantee good health, it has a strong effect on morale and therefore generates additional well-being. Of […]

Andropause, the male version of menopause

From the age of 45, men, like women, suffer from a sex hormone deficiency. Unlike menopause, this disorder, here called “andropause”, is not systematic. It affects only 2% of men between the ages of 40 and 80, according to a 2010 study by the European Male Aging Study. Clic Bien-être proposes to you to make […]

Female ejaculation explained

When a woman reaches a high level of arousal, she may release a significant amount of fluid. It is usually an odourless and colourless liquid. This is called female ejaculation. Generally, these women are considered to be fountain women. However, they are 2 different phenomena. But what does squirting really mean? And what exactly does […]

Sexual health: when Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction come into play

90% of the people concerned do not tell their relatives and 75% do not go to a doctor’s office or pharmacy. However, when these concerns about premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction appear in a couple, they can impact the partners’ self-esteem and well-being. Understanding erectile problems and identifying their causes Sexual health problems can be […]

Couple: communicating, the secret of success!

The lack of communication in a couple can quickly lead to conflict and even break-up. The solution: discuss and rely on both the good and the bad to move forward and be happy! In a couple, it’s not good to let routine, or worse, discomfort set in…When there’s a worry, no matter what it is, […]

Does your partner lack emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is essential for a good understanding within the couple. Everything you need to know on the subject in this article! For some time now, you’ve been noticing that your partner is becoming more and more cold and distant? It may be a lack of emotional intelligence. How do you recognize this problem? What […]