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The 12 essential oils to have at home

We hear more and more about essential oils, they are effective against many ailments, but it is often difficult to know which ones are the most useful.
We have therefore selected for you, the 12 essential oils that are essential to have at home.

With its action on the nervous system, basil essential oil helps to fight stress and fatigue. It can also be used in case of digestive disorders.

Roman chamomile
Soothing, the essential oil of Roman chamomile is a good remedy against insomnia and stress.

Lemon essential oil is purifying, it acts on oily skin and strengthens brittle nails. It can be used to purify the house.

Tarragon essential oil is effective against hiccups, it also helps in cases of bloating and painful periods.

Eucalyptus radiation
Ideal to face winter, the essential oil of eucalyptus radiation is effective against respiratory infections (blocked nose, rhinitis…).

The essential oil of wintergreen acts on inflammatory and muscular pains.

Geranium bourbon
Perfect against skin diseases, the essential oil of geranium bourbon also keeps mosquitoes away.

True Lavender
Healing and relaxing, True Lavender essential oil helps to fight acne and fungal infections. It also has that delicate scent of Provence that often makes it suitable for use in homemade household products such as fabric softener.

Stimulating, peppermint essential oil refreshes body and mind. It is effective against nausea, motion sickness and migraines.

Bigarade Petitgrain
The essential oil of petitgrain bigarade has a powerful effect on the nervous system and fights stress effectively.

One of the best known, ravintsara essential oil is antiviral and helps to combat minor illnesses.

Tea tree
Antibacterial, the essential oil of tea tree is very useful for treating skin infections (abscesses, acne…).

Important: we advise you to consult a specialist for the posology and methods of use. Furthermore, essential oils are often not recommended for young children and pregnant women.


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