Prenatal ultrasounds: essential examinations in 2021

Prenatal ultrasounds essential examinations

Carried out since the 1970s, prenatal ultrasounds have become very important examinations in monitoring fetal development, not only for parents to discover their child, but above all to visualize possible anomalies and malformations. What is the purpose of these Prenatal ultrasound scans? 3 mandatory ultrasounds are offered during pregnancy: in the first, second and third […]

Why Blueberry mouthwash can prevent tartar build-up in 2021?

Do you like blueberries? Good, it’s good news, because it prevents the formation of plaque and gum inflammation. Blueberry mouthwash Proven anti-scale action A recent study conducted in Laval, Canada, and published in the Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, shows that wild blueberries are excellent for preventing plaque formation. Indeed, the polyphenols contained in […]

Mouthwash, mouth hygiene to consume in moderation in 2021

Mouthwash consume in moderation

Concerned about their dental hygiene, many people use mouthwashes in addition to brushing their teeth regularly. It is however advised to use them only when necessary. Indeed, the prolonged use of mouthwashes has side effects, both on dental health and general health. Therefore, always read the labels on your bottles carefully to learn more about […]

Fitness Marketing Trends in 2021

Fitness Trends 2021

As we become more fitness conscious and obsessed we also see quite a few changes taking place in the  health industry. It is a sector that is growing quite fast and this also makes us believe that the marketing trends as far as this industry is concerned will also change in the years to come. […]

What are the benefits of royal jelly during the corona period, 2021?

What are the benefits of royal jelly during the corona period

Used all over the world because of its multiple properties, royal jelly is one of the key elements of traditional Chinese medicine, but also of other ancestral medicines. If it is so famous, it is mainly because of the many benefits it offers to its consumers. It is indeed a real stimulant and fortifier for […]

Basil essential oil, ideal in case of overwork in 2021

Basil essential oil, ideal in case of overwork.

You are overworked, stressed, under constant pressure and of course, this has an impact on your mood, digestion and sleep? Today we offer you a natural solution to all these problems: basil essential oil. A life far too stressful For most of us, we are all under heavy professional pressure, with agendas that never end, […]

Headaches, stress, digestion…in 2021, Lavender, an essential oil to do everything

Lavender an essential oil for everything

Against stress, headaches, infections, muscular pains, premenstrual pains, but also insects… Essential oil is a natural solution to relieve you. Lavender contains phenolic acids, coumarin and its essential oil (EO) contains in particular terpene alcohols such as linalool (very present in shampoos, soaps and creams) and geraniol (also present in geranium, lemon and citronella essential […]

Is your breastfeeding going badly in 2021? Homeopathy, an interesting ally

breastfeeding going badly Homeopathy, an interesting ally

Homeopathy will be of great help for the small problems of breastfeeding: not enough milk, cracks, engorgement? Not enough milk, too much milk, cracked breasts, engorgement… small problems that can disrupt the smooth progress of breastfeeding. Rest assured, homeopathy is there to help you solve these little problems so that everything goes as well as […]