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At 8 weeks pregnant, You and Your Baby,

7 weeks pregnant

There’s good news! This week is a watershed moment in your pregnancy, and it’s the week when nausea fades for those who have been experiencing it. It isn’t going away, but it is becoming less common. A happy pregnancy begins right now!

Amenorrhea for a week: 10th
8th week of pregnancy
3 cm  to 3 gr Embryo

For the expecting mother At 8 weeks pregnant:

At 8 weeks pregnantThe eighth week of pregnancy is significant for you because you truly believe you are pregnant and are content. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, and you intend to take use of it! Your positive attitude is contagious, and you exude radiance. Your breasts are under a lot of pressure and can cause you pain; to ease yourself, drink as much water as you can.

Your uterus at 8 weeks pregnant:

Your uterus is stretching, which is natural as your kid occupies more and more space! It is rapidly expanding and requires additional space. However, the effect on your body is unpleasant, and your stomach problems have persisted this week. That’s perfectly typical!

Your baby at  8 weeks pregnant:

At 8 weeks pregnantYour baby is rapidly developing! He’s around 3 cm long and weighs almost 3 grams at the end of the eighth week! This week, he’s starting to bend his arms, muscles are growing, and various organs, including the thyroid, anorectal, and urogenital ducts, are forming. Since the eyelids are developed and the optic nerve operates, this week is also highly crucial at the level of the eyes!



It’s time to schedule your first obligatory ultrasound, which takes place between the ninth and eleventh weeks of pregnancy, this week. This is the dating ultrasound, and it is very crucial to ensure that your baby is healthy. So don’t put it off any longer!

Precautions to take at 8 weeks pregnant:

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin every night before bed to avoid stretch marks as your tummy gets larger by the day. You can use a natural cream, but you can also apply oil (castor oil, sweet almond oil, etc.) every night to achieve the same results.

Advice for 8 weeks pregnant:

The pregnancy pounds are beginning to show… and you must exercise caution! It’s natural to feel peckish, but don’t overindulge in sweets or chocolate. Keep in mind that you should consume no more than 2500 calories each day, with the goal of diversifying your diet as much as possible.

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