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Children at home, how to keep them occupied?

When children are at home, it is not necessarily easy to keep them occupied and one is quickly tempted to put them in front of a screen.
However, studies show that it is not good to leave children in front of a screen (television, smartphone, tablet…). It is even recommended to completely ban screens before the age of 3. So, how to occupy children who have a lot of energy to spare in confined spaces? We give you a few tips!

To make colorings

It is a hobby that appeals to young and old, girls and boys alike. There are more or less complicated to color. For teenagers, you even have mandalas. These are very elaborate and beautiful coloring books. They require reflection to create a beautiful harmony.

A coloring can also require reflection for the youngest with imposed colors. In each box is a small addition. Each result is a color, so they don’t have to choose. This allows them to revise the numbers simply while having fun. It also teaches patience to the children, they have to apply themselves to do their coloring without overdoing it.

You can print out the colorings yourself, which gives your child the possibility to choose his own coloring. You can also find whole coloring books at the press house! So you have a nice stock of coloring books at hand. All you have to do is find markers or crayons that children often have in their kits!

Making squirrels

It’s an activity you either love or hate. Many shapes exist but the most known are the square and the round. Tutorials exist on the internet to create all kinds of shapes. When you start a scoubidou, children become very curious about this new activity. It can require a lot of patience from the children… as well as from the parents! A nice activity that will make you go to work with a new keychain.

Making origami

Again, this requires reflection and patience! Your children may surprise you during this exercise and be more resourceful than you are in certain situations. There are different levels of difficulty for all ages. You can make animals, objects, shapes…

Make board games

Real moment of sharing with your children, it allows you to spend a moment with them while letting the spirit of competition enter. There are parents who choose to let their children win and those who make it a point of honor to win. It’s up to you to choose your camp! But the children are happy to share something with you for a few hours. Once again, there are games for all ages and with different levels of difficulty. If you are lucky enough to live near a toy library, don’t hesitate to take a look around! People will be able to help you find the perfect game for your children and you will be able to borrow games for a few weeks.

There are still many activities to do with your children. You can even invent new ones. Screens are far from being indispensable, especially when you have construction games (Lego, Kapla…) or games that allow you to create stories (Barbie, Playmobil…).

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