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How do you cleanse your skin when you’re a teenager?

Facial care is particular for teenagers. The skin becomes oily and acne-prone as a result of major physiological changes. To cleanse it naturally and effectively, we use without hesitation vegetable oils, Marseille soap, rose water…

Oily skin, acne problems, teenagers and young adults need special care. To cleanse their skin, it is out of the question to use mom’s, dad’s or little sister’s products. The skin of the young people destabilized by puberty and the biological disturbances requires particular care. We forget conventional practices that can be aggressive, drying and do more harm than good. The cutaneous flora must be pampered and of course, as we know how to advise you, we only use natural products!

Some 100% natural products are the best friends of young skin. In particular, we advise in particular:

  • Clay for its cleansing and purifying virtues.
  • vegetable oils of hazelnut, olive and jojoba for their balancing virtues
  • essential oils of true lavender, fragonia, tea-tree, grapefruit…used for their balancing, antiseptic and repairing action.
  • aloe gel, moisturizing and healing
  • floral waters of rose, witch hazel, rosemary, lavender …
  • lemon, cucumber, thyme…for simple and quick DIY treatments.

Natural cleansing care for the face of teenagers

Every day, a ritual is necessary to take care naturally and effectively of the complicated skins of young people.

In the morning

Carefully and delicately cleanse your face with rose water deposited on a cotton pad or a reusable square.

In the evening

To remove impurities accumulated throughout the day or make-up if necessary, use a cotton or washable wipe impregnated with hazelnut or olive oil. Then rinse with clear water and apply rose water again.

1 to 2 times a week

For a more thorough cleaning, use real Aleppo or Marseille soap and rinse thoroughly. As this type of product cleans deeply, use it at most once or twice a week. Use too often, this type of washing would dry out the skin.


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