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How do you regain control of your body during a difficult pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the mother-to-be’s body undergoes changes in many aspects, due to the hormonal upheavals that occur. While it’s nice to know that you will soon give birth to a little angel, you will also go through phases of anxiety and psychological pressure.

Especially in the case of a difficult pregnancy with pronounced pain, or if you need to stop work earlier than expected. The solution is to take care of your body in order to reconcile with it, to feel better about yourself. You will then experience a more serene pregnancy, while waiting for your baby to arrive. Discover a few tips that will certainly be useful to you.

Pregnancy at rest: when is it necessary?

The effects of pregnancy on the body or even the mind can vary from one woman to another or even depending on the pregnancy. In order to fulfil your potential, you must listen to your needs and take into account the warning signals sent by your body. In other words, if you feel tired, give yourself time to rest and reduce your daily activities.

If you continue to work, it is possible to negotiate flexible hours, ask for a few days, or take a work stoppage. The last option can be considered to prevent an early delivery if you are in a risk situation that prevents you from carrying out the pregnancy normally:

  • Too frequent uterine contractions that can change the cervix before the baby reaches 9 months.
  • A multiple pregnancy with risks of complications
  • Cases of previous pregnancies resulting in an abnormal opening of the cervix
  • Premature births that have occurred several times in the past
  • Infections and other pathologies

Although it is very rare for your doctor to recommend total bed rest, he or she may advise you to adopt a resting lifestyle. You will need to limit your physical activities, reduce transport to a minimum and avoid standing for long periods of time.

Enjoying yourself when you are pregnant

You’re pregnant, you’re carrying life, that’s not nothing! You need to make time for yourself and give yourself pleasure. It is also an opportunity for your loved ones to take the greatest care of you.

Organising a pregnancy photo session

It’s very trendy these days, and an outdoor pregnancy photo shoot is an ideal way to entertain yourself and keep memories of those special moments. The professional photographer, with his experience in the field, will know how to restore your self-confidence by sublimating your new shapes and magnifying your pregnant body.

Pregnancy should not prevent you from feeling good in your body and mind, quite the contrary. On the contrary, you must learn to appreciate your body as it is and accept these changes as you prepare to perform the wonderful act of giving life.

Spending time with your loved ones

Remember to do everything you like, as long as it is allowed during pregnancy. For example, inviting your girlfriends to your home can cheer you up and give you a good time.

It’s also important to spend some quality time with your husband, and that he is supportive during these difficult times.

Arrange a restaurant followed by a spa session with your sister or mother. Your family will be delighted to be able to take care of you and pamper you.

Take care of yourself

Give yourself time: take care of your body, make yourself beautiful… For your well-being, adopt the right gestures to reduce the aches and pains of pregnancy such as stretch marks, chest and leg pain, pregnancy mask, acne, etc. Moisturising and protective cream, massages with essential oils, facial care… everything you need to be at your best, while respecting your body.

Better organise your daily life

A better organisation is needed to avoid a difficult pregnancy, especially with the anguish it can cause. At home, you can delegate your tasks by asking those around you for help. It’s okay to get your spouse to help you or to hire people to take care of errands, housework and other tasks. There are even approved associations that provide assistance to pregnant women, at home, during pathological pregnancies. The costs are determined according to your income and may sometimes be covered by certain mutual insurance companies. This type of solution will relieve you and you can then devote yourself to your well-being and that of your baby.

Eating well

During your pregnancy, you should eat a healthy, balanced and alcohol-free diet. By following a few rules, you will be able to meet your nutritional needs and those of your child. Always respect your needs and eat at least three meals a day. We advise you to use a food guide to make up each meal and, why not, to consult a dietician. Give preference to foods such as fruit and vegetables, protein-rich foods and whole grains. It is also important to vary them as much as possible, with less highly processed foods because of their sugar, salt and fat content. If you are hungry between meals, don’t hesitate to eat two or three snacks a day. You can eat a piece of fruit, a yoghurt, a few almonds, etc.

In addition, you should ensure that you have a stable glucose level by eating your meals regularly and avoiding going for long hours without eating. In this way, you limit the risk of sudden drops in energy during the day. During your pregnancy, listen to your body and above all do not indulge in unnecessary dieting or deprivation. That way, your baby will develop healthily and you will be able to cope better with the pregnancy.

Doing physical activities

Today, scientists agree on the benefits of physical activities recommended during pregnancy. If you have no particular contraindications, moving as often as possible will be beneficial for you and your baby. Choose daily pelvic strengthening exercises and alternate between muscular and cardiovascular activities.

Here are some of the benefits of physical activity during pregnancy:

  • Reduction of pain during pregnancy
  • Reducing the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Stress reduction
  • Prevention of depression
  • Reduction of medical interventions during childbirth, etc…

The intensity of these exercises should be moderate, just enough to raise your heart rate, without the exercise being too difficult. You must always be able to talk during your effort. If this is not the case, you are pushing too hard.

In conclusion, it is important for a pregnant woman to accept the adaptations and changes in the body that are necessary to create life. However, this should not prevent you from feeling beautiful, taking care of yourself and spending pleasant moments with your loved ones. You should also be able to count on your family and friends to help you with your daily tasks and to support you throughout your pregnancy. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, to give yourself time and to listen to your body all the time.

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