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How to Get Pregnant Faster: True and False Ideas

One often hears about particular positions, number of intercourses closer together… to favour a pregnancy. Are all these ideas circulating true? Are there any tricks to get pregnant more easily?

you need to have sex with a girl more often.

Well, not really!

Statistics show that men who make love several times a day or every day don’t have more children than others.

The ideal would be to have sex every other day in order to give the sperm time to reconstitute and be more concentrated in spermatozoa.

Choosing the right time

It is indeed at the time of ovulation that you have to get busy under the duvet!

Ideally, you should target the day before or the day before ovulation, as this gives the sperm time to travel from the vagina to the fallopian tubes and reach the fallopian tubes at the same time as the egg. Making love after ovulation, on the other hand, is a little more random: as the egg has a fairly short lifespan (around 12 hours), the sperm may arrive too late…

But how do you know when you ovulate?

Whatever the length of your cycle, ovulation occurs on average 14 days before your period: for example, if you have a 34-day cycle, you will ovulate around the 20th day after the start of your last period (34 – 14); if you have a 26-day cycle, you will ovulate around the 12th day (26 – 14).

You can also try with the temperature curve: body temperature changes throughout the cycle. For example, in the first part of the cycle, before ovulation, it is below 37°C and varies little. Just before ovulation, the temperature drops: it is at the lowest point of the cycle. Then it rises again, often above 37°C.

It is absolutely necessary to have an orgasm

Some people believe that sperm are propelled and helped in their ascent by the uterine contractions caused by orgasm.

In reality, this is absolutely not the case, and orgasm is absolutely not necessary to get pregnant.

Is there a preferred position?

In certain positions, it is true that the ejaculatory jet can bring the sperm more or less close to the cervix. However, this has no influence whatsoever on their ability to migrate successfully.

What is important is that the sperm are toned and that the cervical mucus is of good quality.

You should keep your legs up in the air after having sex .

If it amuses you, why not! But don’t think it will affect your chances of getting pregnant.

In fact, just after ejaculation, the semen changes from a viscous texture that used to hold the sperm captive to a much more liquid texture that no longer hinders their movement. 1 to 2 minutes after intercourse, they are already in the cervix.

Patience is essential

Keep in mind that you may not get pregnant right away. Indeed, did you know that in France, a couple in their thirties usually takes a year to get pregnant for the first time. So don’t worry if nothing happens after 3 or 6 months!

You should also know that after the age of 35, fertility decreases more and more… often delaying the occurrence of a pregnancy.

And above all, don’t stress and don’t focus on trying to have babies: stress can lead to a blockage! It is not for nothing that many pregnancies start during the holidays when women are less stressed, more relaxed and no longer focus solely on the desire for a baby.

A healthy lifestyle can promote fertility.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol when you are trying to have a baby as they can disrupt your fertility.

It is advisable to adopt a balanced and varied diet to provide all the necessary nutrients, fibre, vitamins (C, B in particular) and minerals (iron, calcium).

You should also be careful with low-calorie diets, which can have a hormonal impact on fertility. It is therefore best to stop dieting a few months before you want to get pregnant.

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