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Parents : 4 ways to take care of our children

How is love woven? What foods to choose for our children? How can we help them grow up in a world that goes faster and faster when we are invaded by daily stress? Anaïs Bracq, Chinese doctor, psychotherapist, gives you some natural ways to fully enjoy the happiness of being a parent.

The physical and emotional nourishment of our children

Our little ones, our treasures, the apple of our eye… The first food they receive is love (I voluntarily pass over worries, disappointment, surprise, fear because all these feelings and emotions do not prevent the surge of love). Didn’t you feel as I did, at the announcement of the pregnancy, that already -without knowing it- a precious and incredibly powerful bond was being woven? Like a love bomb exploding in your heart??

9 months of putting our hands on our belly, whispering our states to him, offering the future father the possibility of an exchange through touch and voice. The bonds are already being woven with each heartbeat.

Finally, the little one has shown the tip of his nose and our gaze broods him; love passes through our eyes, our thoughts, our hands, our breast or the bottle. The senses are awakened, our little one will anchor his life day after day thanks to the touch so essential to feel alive, by the look that brings recognition, the voice that protects and rocks, the smell that reassures and by the taste that delights.

The taste linked to food and physical experience because yes, to emotional food is added physical food and the story will be woven throughout life, a mixture of subtle and material.

The two will almost always be linked! Love and Eat! Besides, he (or she) knows it well, if the child wants to make you go crazy, if he wants to show us his disagreement, he will stop eating!

But what should we give our children to eat?

Will you let yourself be influenced by TV and its pernicious messages that feed the food industry more than our stomachs? Will you give in to the pressure of a food pyramid based on calories, protein/carbohydrate/fat ratios? All these words without any real meaning and that we try to put in place at each meal…if we took the time ! This pyramid which, by the way, in no way prevents obesity from taking hold in many homes…Who can say today that it is not lost when all these contradictory messages on dietetics prove to us that there is a real problem?

What if we went back to basics and common sense? The solution seems to be there, at least in part.

Healthy eating is not so complicated but it does require time, awareness and parental involvement.

Back to basics…

The choice is ours

But what do we want? To be healthy, sparkling with joy, full of energy and plans? Or do we want to become intoxicated (by additives, fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics), fragile, tired and unable to meet life’s challenges? What do we want for our little ones, the best, or let them be damaged by harmful food?

I believe that for you as well as for me, the answer is clear! For that, nothing better than the basics!

Healthy seasonal food

Going back to basics means having integrated that we are a body willing to eat mostly fruits and vegetables, a little tuberose but not really much else. Because yes, our digestive system is specific, just like that of the feline or herbivore. Each one has its own reign. Let’s keep these principles in mind and try to get closer to them.

The case of cow’s milk for children

I know, you’ve been told that cow’s milk is a friend for life…

I also know that people who don’t breed cows for their milk are not as badly affected by osteoporosis as we are here; that children grow up well without developing ear infections, rhinitis and mucus draining from various orifices… and just for that, it would be nice to look into the issue and to question it to find alternatives that suit our nature…

Come on, if we start there, you’ll see that a whole new world of good health is opening up to you ! Let’s be researchers, curious people.

Let’s also open ourselves to other ways of taking care of ourselves and our little ones’ health…

To take care of oneself naturally

When we are born, our body is clean, virgin…normally. It is true that with the transformed and polluted food, the bacterial baggage of the mother has become weaker, inevitably leading to an immune deficiency of the newborn. The more the mother takes care of her food and lifestyle before and during pregnancy, the stronger the unborn child will be.

The case of antibiotics for the mother-to-be and for the child

The fashion is to hunt bacteria, but have we been taught that we are made up of 10 times more bacteria than cells and that if we try to kill these bacteria, we are killing ourselves?

One day, no more antibiotics will take effect because of our greed to eliminate the symptoms!

Test essential oils

Have you thought about turning to essential oils? Oh the wonderful fragrances ! It smells good and it’s powerful ! Lean towards their study, they are beautiful answers for a whole bunch of daily pathologies.

Think about ravintsara, eucalyptus radiata, thyme linalol, niaouli, hö wood… You have here easy-to-use oils, diluted in a few drops of vegetable oils to coat the torso of the little ones (and the big ones), to diffuse in your room several times a day, to put on the hollow of your wrists, to massage under your feet before going to sleep !

And then, just before bedtime, thanks to 2 drops of ravintsara, you will be able to invite the child to express himself about his day while remaining attentive to welcome his word fully and without judgment.

Letting the emotional express itself

The better our little ones eat, the more parents are attentive to their emotional fatigue and the easier it will be to support our children’s health!

Yes, relationships, caring communication and emotional expression are an important part of our health… who among us hasn’t gotten sick from bad news, from severe stress? For our little ones, it is the same and we parents must be attentive to accompany them with tenderness.

Growing up is natural but it requires overcoming difficulties! It requires putting up with the frustrations imposed by parents and other referents. It is no easy task for our little ones to make their place in this world of competition and obstacles. I am thinking of school, where many pleasures but also sorrows are experienced.

Is it normal for the body and the sparkling life of the child to have to sit all day long, without moving, listening and repeating what it is good to repeat wisely? Is it normal for our children to be rebuffed or sometimes punished by certain teachers exercising their authoritarian power knowing that the children will not defend themselves?

How can they feel after these long days? Walking, trotting, stress… the immunity takes a blow and only our benevolence, our attention synonymous with love will be able to strengthen and console the child for whom this system is not made for!

Make way for “the ear in the heart”, the space for free expression when returning home, for moments of calm, of sharing on the sofa, an herbal tea with fruit and honey in the palm of your hands!

To allow the emotional to express itself in order to defuse it…

Fewer screens, more life

Defusing the accumulated emotion is done in a soft atmosphere.

TV by images, messages of violence suggested or not, does not seem the best way to unload a small bomb already defused!

TV should not be in charge of our children’s education or at least in charge of filling their leisure space.

Going out, running, meeting real friends, cooking together (with friends or parents), going to the library, going for a little walk in the nature, picking up the little things that the trees leave on the ground to make a mandala together, teaching him how to take care of the house: tidying up, cherishing animals, vacuuming, cleaning the windows to make him feel how good it is to live in a tidy and clean space!

So yes, screens are not real life!

Working with a pen in hand and real sheets of paper involves creative areas of our brains and these are dying under the tablets, computers, phones.

Parents, watch and wonder about those schools that want to put everything on the screen!

The screen damages the retina, prevents the pineal gland from doing its work by exciting this area which should be put to rest with the night falling, to allow a good sleep, a guarantee to grow well. The screen makes us lazy, everything is served on a tray, it puts our minds to sleep… while over-stimulating the nervous system…. not cool.

And who says screen, says wifi, electro magnetic pollution! Our children’s brains are in full evolution, still fragile and we bombard them with waves…. fatigue, stress, dizziness, inability to concentrate, violence. If your little one is subjected to the waves, he can react this way!

When it’s time to fall asleep, think about switching off the wifi, cutting off everyone’s cell phone, young and old.

Remember that these waves pass through walls and that the fact of crossing them can amplify their harmful effect.

Turn off the wifi, turning off the phone as often as possible is an act of love for me. Because when we will have been told -this truth is so difficult to know because of the economic stakes- that this pollution can make us seriously ill, we will be very destitute! Precaution is the order of the day.

At last…

Dear parents, we have decided to have children in a very strange world…

To do so, we must be present on all fronts, show them our involvement, our pleasure in giving them what we consider to be the best and teach them to respect themselves, to feel what is right for them by being calm, patient and communicative referents.

Our little ones are growing up so fast, they are so fast on their way to their own life… Moments of grace are offered to us to give them the best of our time and our love. Let’s make the most of it!

I wish you to walk with tenderness and benevolence on this wonderful path that is being a parent and to be able to nourish your children on all levels.

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