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Pregnancy – week 1

You’ve been trying to have a baby for a few weeks, maybe a few months… and that’s it, it’s the beginning of the great adventure of pregnancy: you’re pregnant! But you don’t know it yet… However, a lot is already happening in your belly!

Amenorrhea week: 3rd

Pregnancy week: 1st

Embryo: 0.1 mm


For the mother-to-be :

Chances are there won’t be much happening this week. That said, some women who are extremely sensitive to hormonal changes may experience the very first symptoms of pregnancy, such as uterine pain, which is characterized by tightness in the lower abdomen, resembling menstrual pain. You may also notice a very slight increase in the size of your breasts.
But you don’t have a delayed period at the moment, so you have no reason to suspect pregnancy?

Your uterus :

During the first week of pregnancy, the uterus is in the midst of change: it adapts to accommodate this small egg. The lining of the uterus is therefore modified, and the uterus changes shape: it is said to resemble a fig.

For the baby :

It is not yet a baby, but it is an egg! It is only a few days old and divides into two cells, then… finally, at the end of this first week, it looks like a ball made up of 16 cells! Cell division is therefore very fast! It is also at the end of this first week that the egg attaches itself to the uterine wall: it is called nidation.
On the 7th day, the fertilized egg descends towards the uterus to fix itself on the walls, this is the nidation period. At this stage your embryo measures about 0.1 mm.

Appointments :

You have no medical appointments to make during this first week of pregnancy. All you have to do is take a pregnancy test if you wish, but it is still very early, and it is very likely that it will prove negative, even if you are pregnant. You will therefore have to wait a few more weeks to confirm this pregnancy!

Precautions :

  • It is obvious that if this pregnancy is not a surprise, you must immediately take some precautions:
  • Imperatively avoid smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Avoid contact with contagious patients, especially those with rubella or chickenpox.
  • Avoid taking medication

During this first week, the embryo is sensitive to anything that can generate abnormalities. It is essential to take care of you and your baby from the very beginning of pregnancy!

Our advice :

This first week of pregnancy can already be tiring, the body being in full adaptation of this small being which will grow in you during the next few months. Take care of yourself, and get as much rest as possible.

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