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Pregnancy – week 2

Now you will notice that your period is late. In any case, this is when most women should get their period… So you’ll actually be able to take a pregnancy test to check whether or not you’re pregnant. And you’ll also start to experience some symptoms…

Week of amenorrhea: 4th

Pregnancy week: 2nd

Embryo: 0.2 mm


For the mother-to-be :

Not much is going to happen on your side, except that you’re going to want to sleep a lot! This is normal because there are big changes in your body, which makes you very tired. It is also possible to notice a slight bleeding. Often taken for the beginning of a period at this stage of pregnancy, it actually corresponds to nidation, i.e. the installation of the egg in the uterine mucous membrane.


Your uterus :

The first week of pregnancy, the uterus is in full change: it adapts to accommodate this small egg. The lining of the uterus is therefore modified, and the uterus changes shape: it is said to resemble a fig.


For the baby :

It is still not a baby, but it is no longer an egg either because it becomes an embryonic disc! This disc, which is oval in shape, has three different layers :

  • the ectoderm, i.e. the skin and nerves
  • the mesoderm, i.e. the bones, muscles and genitals
  • the endoderm, i.e. the digestive and respiratory system

On the 14th day, the embryo measures 0.2mm. It is well attached to the uterine wall and ready for its development!

Appointments :

You have nothing to do this week except to check that you are pregnant. You should know that it is still early to define a pregnancy, and that the pregnancy test can be negative. Negative because you are not pregnant, but also negative because the pregnancy is too recent! Don’t panic, patience is required!

Precautions :

If you think you are pregnant, you must immediately stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and be careful not to take any medication that could have harmful consequences for the baby. You must also be careful not to be in contact with contagious people, certain diseases such as chicken pox or rubella being serious for pregnant women.

The advice

This second week of pregnancy can already be tiring, the body is in full transformation, and only one watchword must reign: rest! You must listen to your body as it prepares and transforms itself every day!

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