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Pregnancy – week 3

Now you will notice that your period is late. In any case, this is when most women should get their period… So you’ll actually be able to take a pregnancy test to check whether or not you’re pregnant. And you’ll also start to experience some symptoms…

Week of amenorrhea: 5th

Pregnancy week: 3rd

Embryo: 2 mm

For the mother-to-be :

You feel good and happy to be pregnant, but you have some discomforts. Your breasts, for example, have increased in volume and are painful to the touch: this is normal! You digest badly, you have acid reflux all day long: no problem! You have nausea, especially in the morning: this is very common. You have to pee all the time: nothing abnormal! You have trouble sleeping and suffer from insomnia: logical! And yes, you are indeed pregnant!


Your uterus :

Your uterus changes very quickly and hurts you, which is normal. The tugging in your lower abdomen should not worry you since at the end of this third week, your uterus reaches the size of a large clementine! A huge change for your body!


For the baby :

Baby has grown a lot since he now measures almost 2mm. Its shape has also changed: it has curved, the bulge being the future head of your child! We are starting to see certain organs forming, such as lungs, liver, kidneys, nervous system, spinal cord, brain, muscles, bones… But most of all, his little heart is beating and you can already hear it during a control ultrasound… Life is in you!


Appointments :

You have nothing to do this week except to check that you are pregnant. You should know that it is still early to define a pregnancy, and that the pregnancy test can be negative. Negative because you are not pregnant, but also negative because the pregnancy is too recent! Don’t panic, patience is required!


Precautions :

If you have had a positive pregnancy test, you can start looking for a good gynecologist. It is not urgent at the second, but you have the right to be interested. Especially since some specialists like to see their patients from the beginning of the pregnancy, around the fifth week of pregnancy. So you can make your appointment now!

Our advice :

You must take care of yourself, and above all listen to your body. Of course, now that you are officially pregnant, you must stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, cut down on coffee… There are quite a few rules to follow for the sake of your child, so start already to be careful and take care of your baby!

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