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Pregnancy – week 4

It’s not the great shape… and that’s completely normal. You feel sick in your body, depressed, nauseous: pregnancy is taking its course, and these symptoms prove to you that you are indeed expecting a child! This week is important, a lot is happening!

Week of amenorrhea: 6th

Pregnancy week: 4th

Embryo: 5 mm


For the mother-to-be :

You are feeling worse than the previous weeks. You are happy to be pregnant of course, but your body doesn’t hear it that way! Your breasts are sore and the areola widens, in front extremely sensitive. You have tugging in the lower abdomen, and above all… odors are bothering you. You are very sensitive to smells, and certain foods disgust you. You are in an annoying mood: long live the hormones! And you are even a little depressed… All this is not pleasant but completely normal!


Your uterus :

You often have pain in your lower abdomen: it looks like menstrual pain, but stronger. In reality, your uterus is playing tricks on you! It grows, changes, stretches… and is now bigger than a clementine.


For the baby:

The embryo develops very quickly, since this week it already measures 5 mm! It looks like a tadpole connected by a cord! This week we are talking about the beginning of organogenesis. It is quite simply the formation of organs, the spinal column, the pulmonary cavities, the digestive tract, the abdominal tract… The blood circulation is also set up. It is also this week that the arms begin to form, with the appearance of buds. And above all … the inner ear, nose, mouth, eyes … are slowly taking shape. It’s a very important week for your baby!


The appointments :

You can have your first appointment with your gynecologist. If not, make your appointment! During this first visit, the doctor will prescribe a blood test to check the level of pregnancy hormones. You will also have a complete blood test to do, including toxoplasmosis, for example, to verify that you are immune. Don’t panic, these tests do not have to be done this week!


Precautions :

You must lead a healthy life, without cigarettes, alcohol or medication (at least of course). You may be interested in homeopathy, which is useful during pregnancy.


The advices :

You must take care of yourself, and start to eat more healthily. Fruits and vegetables are essential for the good development of your baby. These first weeks are essential in the formation of your child’s organs, you must take care of him and give him the best!

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