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Pregnancy – week 5


We’re not going to hide it from you: the radiant pregnant woman… it’s not for you this week! The fifth week of pregnancy is exhausting because there are many changes in your body. Not to mention the fact that the baby is building its nest and taking up a little more space… So what’s really going on?

Amenorrhea week: 7th

Pregnancy week: 5th

Embryo: 6 mm

For the mother-to-be :human-fetus-month-5

You’re not in top shape, and that’s normal! Don’t worry, on her side, baby is doing very well and continues to grow like a little mushroom!

Some new symptoms of pregnancy are appearing. A few examples? Well, insomnia is there, morning sickness lasts longer, your breasts swell a little more, your skin dries out because of hormonal imbalance, your intestines play tricks on you, … And you can also see patches appear on your face: it’s the famous pregnancy mask which is nothing serious and will disappear after you give birth, but it’s unsightly … Don’t panic, it’s completely normal!


Your uterus :

Nothing very new this week since baby is not growing much so your uterus remains stable in terms of shape. Having said that, tightness and pain are completely normal, don’t worry!


For the baby:

This is an important week for your baby: he’s not growing much but his brain is starting to develop since he’s already separated into two hemispheres. The mouth is slowly opening, and the tongue and nose are appearing. The sense of smell is developing, and the eyes are now positioned. The arms and legs lengthen. And organs such as the pancreas, kidneys, liver and lungs are in full formation. No doubt, it is there and is beginning to form! Take care of it!

Appointments :

During this fifth week, it’s time to take a blood test to check the hormone level, so that we can officially date your pregnancy. You will also take this opportunity to check if you are well immunized against toxoplasmosis and rubella. Finally, if you go to a gynecologist equipped with an ultrasound machine, you’ll have a chance to hear your baby’s heartbeat clearly!


Precautions :

Live a healthy life, and get plenty of rest. As soon as you feel tired, sit down to avoid discomfort. No alcohol, no cigarettes… and get into the habit of eating as much fruit and vegetables as possible. Try to avoid raw fish and seafood, it’s better! It is also advisable to eat a lot of fiber, and above all, to drink as much water as possible.

The advices :

You have to take care of yourself, and this week, your skin is suffering! You can start to moisturize it as much as possible with a natural cream. Spread an oily cream on your face morning and evening. And use an organic cream for your belly: you don’t see it yet, but the skin is gently stretched. Moisturizing your belly from the beginning of pregnancy helps to limit stretch marks. Think about it!


The great enemy of mothers-to-be, especially at the beginning of pregnancy: fatigue. During the first few months, it is not uncommon to have an irrepressible desire to sleep, and this is normal! First of all because the body is put to the test during pregnancy. In addition, at the beginning of pregnancy, there is a strong progesterone climate. However, progesterone (pregnancy hormone par excellence) has a strong sedative power.

Tips to be in shapepregnant-girl-lying-bed-headache

Avoid overwork, get at least eight hours of sleep a night.

  • Increase your rest time, and if you can, take a nap on the weekend.
  • At home, forget a little bit about housework and too much hard work.
  • To avoid the blows, also adopt good dietary reflexes: do not skip meals and do not stay more than 4-6 hours without eating so as not to tire your body.
  • Eat healthy products that are easily digestible, especially at dinner.
  • Eat in sufficient quantities: the body of a pregnant woman works harder (25% calorie increase), you need about 2500 calories at the beginning of pregnancy, and 2800 from the 6th month on average. Adopt a varied diet (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids) that avoids deficiencies.
  • Limit weight gain. You will be even more tired if you have difficulty moving!

Sleep disorders during pregnancy

In addition, it is normal not to sleep well all the time. Pregnant women more often want to sleep during the day, and find it difficult to sleep at night, without knowing whether the reason is hormonal or psychological. Nightmares are common, especially during the first pregnancy. They are not the sign of a complicated or badly experienced pregnancy, but simply reveal your legitimate anxieties and apprehensions.

Beware, if you have multiple insomnia and if you can’t sleep during the day, consult your doctor: you need a maximum of energy to live your pregnancy well and feed your baby well. If you are really too tired, consider stopping work with your doctor.

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