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the seventh week of pregnancy


Good news! This week marks a real turning point in your pregnancy, and it’s the week when nausea diminishes for those who were suffering from it. It’s not going away, but it’s finally becoming less frequent. A fulfilled pregnancy… it starts now!
Week of amenorrhea: 9th
Week of pregnancy: 7th
Embryo: 16 to 21 mm

For the mom-to-be:

The seventh week of pregnancy is important to you because you really feel pregnant, and you are happy. Being Week-of-pregnancy-7thpregnant is a real joy, and you intend to enjoy it! Your good mood is contagious, and you are radiant. Your breasts are under great strain and can make you suffer: to relieve yourself, you can drink as much water as possible.


Your uterus:

Your uterus is stretching and that’s normal because your baby is taking up more and more space! It is growing at a rapid rate, so it needs more space. But of course, the impact on your body is not pleasant, and your stomach aches continue this week. Which is normal!

For the baby:

Your baby is growing fast! At the end of this seventh week, he measures about 20 mm and weighs almost 2g! He is starting to bend his arms, muscles are appearing, and several organs are forming this week like the thyroid, and the anorectal and urogenital ducts. This week is also very important in the eyes as the eyelids form, and the optic nerve works!


This week, it’s time to make an appointment for the first mandatory ultrasound, which takes place between the ninth and eleventh week of pregnancy. This is the dating ultrasound and is very important to check that your little one is doing well. So don’t forget to get it done now!


To avoid stretch marks with your belly getting rounder by the day, don’t forget to moisturize your skin every night before bed. You can opt for a natural cream, but you can also simply apply oil (castor, sweet almond,…) every night, it’s very effective!


Pregnancy pounds are starting to show… and you need to be careful! It’s normal to feel hungry, but don’t gorge yourself on sweets or chocolate. Know that you should consume a maximum of 2500 calories per day, the main thing being to diversify your diet as much as possible.


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