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The importance of getting back into sport after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when the body changes and we gain weight. After giving birth, it will take time to get back in shape.

Although some mums never regain their old silhouette, it is not impossible to reshape and get back into shape. To do so, you must practice or resume regular physical activity. In general, it is highly recommended to do sports to stay healthy.

However, to get back into sport after pregnancy, it is necessary to take a few precautions.

Why return to sport after pregnancy?

It is important to return to sport after pregnancy, first of all to lose the weight you have accumulated. Indeed, “post-pregnancy weight” is a common problem for most women who have just given birth, and it is common knowledge that only regular sports activity is really effective for weight loss.

In addition, resuming sport after pregnancy helps to tone the muscles that tended to slacken during the months when you were pregnant.

Finally, since the belly has swollen during pregnancy, be aware that it will not disappear completely when the baby is expelled. There is no more effective way to regain a flat tummy than through sport.

How can you get back to sport after pregnancy?

To regain your figure after pregnancy by doing sport, it is strongly recommended that you are accompanied by a professional, and more precisely by a coach. The latter will be better able to advise you on the sports activities that are best suited to you. All the more so as the busier ones will be able to call on a coach at home to do the exercises to lose weight after pregnancy without moving around.

Please note that you can only resume sport after 6 weeks after giving birth, with the agreement of a doctor, and especially after having re-educated your perineum for 2 and a half months.

Finally, whether you have had a caesarean section or a vaginal delivery, the return to sport should be gradual and moderate, so that your body can slowly get used to it again, and not be subjected to any trauma.

What sports to do after pregnancy?

If you have not practised any sports during your pregnancy, it would be best to start with a gentle, moderate-impact sport such as walking, for example. Swimming is also highly recommended after giving birth, as the body is weightless and you are less likely to suffer shocks, fractures or strains.

You can also do yoga to tone your muscles and lose weight.

Finally, if you have had a vaginal delivery and your perineum has been re-educated, you can do running again, or impact exercises, as they are more effective in getting back in shape after pregnancy.

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