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10 natural tips to accelerate hair growth

Our hair grows an average of 1 cm per month. As this is an average, it can be more or less fast depending on the type of hair, the care provided, your diet….

While there is no magic formula to gain 10 cm in one night, we have nevertheless listed a few natural tips to speed up hair growth!

Beware of brushing

The type of brush you have and how you use it can have a significant impact on your hair growth. Brushes with plastic or metal bristles are very aggressive and can damage your hair. So choose a brush with soft, natural bristles. Likewise, intensive brushing can affect the health of your hair. So brush gently and not too long at night to remove impurities that have built up throughout the day. Be careful not to brush your hair wet, in the shower for example, and use your fingers or a wide comb if you absolutely must untangle it when your mask is applied, for example.


Avoid heat sources

Blow dryers, straighteners and other blow brushes attack your hair by inflicting much too much heat, making it fragile. Let your hair dry naturally in the open air. If you don’t want to get your hair wet, consider washing it at night before going to bed, so it will have all night to dry quietly and without aggression. If you don’t have a choice, consider using a hairdryer that blows cold air and/or use a thermal protective spray before exposing it to a heat source.

Limit the products

Hairspray, styling spray, mousse and gel weigh down your hair and prevent it from breathing. What’s more, these products are often drying out, despite what you may read on some labels . They are intended for occasional use, so avoid using them every day. Instead, use a vegetable oil to tame your flyaway hair if you need it.


Stimulate blood circulation

Good blood circulation in your scalp ensures healthy hair and better growth. You can have your scalp exfoliated once a week (once a month if you have a sensitive scalp), you will find them in stores. Alternatively, you can make it yourself by rubbing coffee grounds or cane sugar on your damp scalp just before applying your usual shampoo. Don’t hesitate to massage your skull well with each shampoo. You can also practice a fingertip massage every night before going to bed to stimulate your blood circulation.


Cut off the tips regularly

If your ends are damaged, your hair may grow more slowly or even stagnate. By cutting your hair regularly, you can improve your hair’s appearance.


Make an oil bath

The benefits of castor oil on hair have long been proven! It not only restores shine, suppleness and softness to your hair, it also stimulates regrowth. Apply castor oil all over your hair, paying special attention to the lengths. Then wrap your hair in a towel and leave it on for as long as possible, ideally overnight, but a few hours is all it takes. Then shampoo normally and rinse thoroughly. You can bathe your hair in oil between 1 and 4 times a month.

Grape seed oil also has many virtues that boost hair growth. This time apply it directly to your scalp as a mask for several minutes.


Recycle the cooking water from your potatoes.

It may seem surprising, but the water used to cook potatoes is loaded with starch, which is particularly effective for hair regrowth. Use it as rinse water after your shampoo, it will also add volume to your hair.


Opt for the benefits of rosemary

Rosemary has many virtues that promote hair growth. You can use it as an infusion as rinse water after your shampoo or as an essential oil. Put a few drops of rosemary essential oil in your classic shampoo bottle to benefit from the benefits of rosemary every time you wash your hair. With regular use, your hair will be stronger and shinier.

Make an egg mask

More natural than commercial products, this egg hair mask recipe nourishes and regenerates your hair. Mix one egg with a tablespoon of oil and apply the mixture to damp or dry hair. Leave on for 40 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Unlike store-bought products, this mask does not contain any silicones or parabens, substances that weigh your hair down and dry it out.


Switch to brewer’s yeast

Particularly rich in vitamin B, brewer’s yeast is a product that can work miracles on your hair and nails. You can either take it as a cure in the form of capsules that you can find in organic shops or drugstores, or even ingest it in the form of flakes to sprinkle on your salads or dishes.

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