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The benefits of aloe vera in 2021


Aloe vera has a multitude of benefits! Ideal for the summer, we explain how to use it to get the most out of its properties.

With its more than 300 species, the aloe is a plant whose different varieties are grouped around a base: their benefits. And yes, in beauty as well as in cooking, aloe vera, the gel made from the plant, is a mine of good nutrients to develop its well-being capital. And in summer more than ever, it is an essential ingredient in our bathrooms. Soothing, moisturising, anti-ageing, so many properties that make aloe vera ideal during the summer season. Why is it ideal? Why? Here’s an overview of a miracle product like no other!

A natural ingredient of choice

If we often know the aloe vera packaged in tubes, this translucent paste is taken from the aloe, a fat plant now cultivated all over the world.

Its major asset is its water reserve, contained in its leaves. This same water comes in the form of a gel that we know today, and is accompanied by various minerals and vitamins.

This summer, aloe vera is particularly interesting, as it can be eaten pure, in the most natural way possible. For internal or external use, this gelatinous liquid does not present any major contraindications, although it is always necessary to consult a doctor in case of doubt.

Nevertheless, it is a star of organic cosmetics, considered “adaptogenic”. And its many benefits make it THE product to carry with you this summer!

Aloe vera, a soothing plant

In fact, between the sun, long days sunbathing, three-hour hikes in the mountains, it is not uncommon for the rays to heat up our skin despite the sun protection.

With this in mind, aloe vera has established itself as a soothing after-sun plant. Whether for sensitive skin, which is more reactive to daily aggressions, or normal skin burnt by the sun, a small dose of this miracle ingredient will be enough to relieve the skin.

Because yes, among its many virtues, aloe vera is soothing, anti-inflammatory, but also antiseptic. In short, something to soothe naturally, while taking advantage of its versatility!

Aloe vera, an inexhaustible source of hydration

Versatility has many uses. And it turns out that aloe vera is an extremely moisturizing plant. Ideal for keeping your skin healthy despite the heat and summer sun!

But while this oily plant helps to moisturise the skin, it also helps to retain water in the skin cells. This property is particularly interesting in the summer to prolong hydration as long as possible. This is the reason why the cosmetics industry is taking more and more hold of this miracle product!

Moreover, the skin is not the only one to benefit from this moisturising power, far from it. Applied to the hair, aloe vera strengthens the fibre and improves the hair structure. Because when the sun hits, it doesn’t just hit the skin!

An anti-ageing ingredient, summer and winter

Do you know the effects of the sun on the skin? Beyond giving a tanned complexion a few weeks in the year, they are not really recommended to keep a healthy and shapely skin. This is because in the long run, the epidermis sags and wrinkles more despite protection.

In this perspective, aloe vera gel is a product that can be used to stimulate skin tone and elasticity. Indeed, applied like a cream, the tensing effect of aloe is immediate.

By favouring microcirculation and providing this very satisfactory aspect of firmness, aloe vera is therefore particularly recommended in summer, especially for mature skin. Why is it recommended? Because it simply helps the skin to regenerate itself!

Aloe vera, a natural repellent for mosquitoes

Imagine, this summer, between friends, a long and beautiful evening by candlelight. A beautiful evening, which, coupled with the heat, is likely to end in a mosquito hunt, or even a waking nightmare!

This is why aloe vera can become an indispensable tool in the fight against such undesirables. Indeed, this ingredient is usually considered a powerful repellent. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

If, by accident, a sting does occur, applying a small dose of aloe vera to the skin can quickly bring relief. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, it will prevent tingling. Aloe vera has everything for him!

Aloe vera: a healing product for summer

And it’s not over yet! Indeed, summer is sometimes the occasion to practice activities that we are not always used to doing. More sporting activities, where the risk of injury is greater, especially with children.

Whether it’s a small scratch or a big scratch, simply apply a small dab of it after cleaning the wound, so that it heals naturally.

Soothing, antiseptic, healing, so many qualities that make aloe vera indispensable this summer. If it is mainly used externally, it is possible to use it internally during dedicated cures. But on the beach as well as when hiking, the gel is an ideal ally for everyday sores and skin care. Now it’s up to you!

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