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Body and face care for the night

If your days are not restful, they are not without consequences for your skin either. Discover the evening products that are designed for you and the routine you need to adopt to get up each morning with radiant skin.

Night care for the body

Your body deserves to be pampered, so take advantage of this rest period to take care of it properly.

Skin hydration at bedtime

The way the products are applied remains just as important as the composition of the care. To pamper your arms and legs, take a loofah, a washcloth made entirely of natural fibers, and use delicate movements towards the center of the body to exfoliate the skin. To help repair it while you sleep, you have the choice between applying a moisturizing cream or using rose or lavender essential oil.

You are also likely to kill two birds with one stone by using a preventive and restorative skin care oil, characterized by its moisturizing properties, but also its ability to improve the appearance of stretch marks. Discover an opinion on bi oil, maybe you will succumb to this type of care too ! The expertise of this site, which gives informed and trusted opinions on major brands, will surely teach you a lot on the subject.

Hand beauty at night

Wrinkles, spots and other disgraces that appear on the hands betray aging. Nevertheless, you can reduce and delay them by caring for them almost as conscientiously as you care for your face. Before using a moisturizing cream, it is also a good idea to exfoliate your hands. If wearing a pair of cotton gloves is still restrictive for some of you – especially during the summer season – it has the merit of improving the moisturizing effect. It’s worth the money, because you’ll get your hands as soft as a baby’s skin to start the day.

Hair care

Night is the ideal time to let a good hair mask work for longer than its daytime counterparts. Indeed, letting them work for 7 to 8 hours gives their concentrated active ingredients the opportunity to optimize their powers. Essential proteins, fortifying hair constituents and vegetable oils are generally found in their formula.

After your shower, massage the treatment into damp hair and wrap it in a microfiber towel. We then invite you to warm it up quickly with a hair dryer, the heat having the advantage of accentuating the nutritive assets of the ingredients. You are free to concoct your own natural mask, following a recipe shared on the web, or to purchase a commercially available leave-in moisturizer.

Foot care

If it’s also very important that you keep pretty little fartons, take advantage of the night recovery! To begin, we suggest you immerse your feet for 5 minutes in warm water enriched with Epsom salt. Once this phase is over, you can remove dead skin with an exfoliating glove. In a third step, place on your dried feet an intense moisturizing cream, combined with a zest of peppermint essential oil and you can put on cotton socks before going to bed or reading.

Night care for the face

It’s hard to see clearly among all the treatments and creams available on the market, so here are a few keys so that you can cocoon your face without false notes.

The interest of night care

The cells are busy at night, it is the phenomenon of skin regeneration in full swing. According to experts in the world of beauty, skin regenerates three times faster than during the day at this time. The skin benefits in particular from this to reconstitute its hydrolipidic barrier. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t help it to fulfill its mission. It needs it after the many external aggressions it has undergone during the day.

Make-up removal

At the end of your day, it is essential that you take care to remove your makeup. The allergens contained in make-up are likely to clog pores, disturb their natural functioning and induce an occlusion effect. Consequence on your face? The very unsightly multiplication of blackheads!

Jojoba oil or argan oil are particularly suitable for combination to oily skin, however the latter is difficult to cleanse and does not emulsify with water. The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil are suitable for skin with imperfections.

Cleansing the skin

The second step is to cleanse and purify your skin. Nevertheless, various residues accumulated during the day remain on your skin, even if you have the impression that it is naked after make-up removal.

The essential cleansing must then be carried out, ideally with a cleansing gel or a mild soap. Whether it is one or the other, the product must necessarily avoid attacking or drying the skin. Moisten your face and then apply the care by making circular movements with your fingers, or by using a konjac sponge, which allows for gentle exfoliation.

Nourish the skin

Preparation with a night cream

Now that the obstacles have been dismantled, it is time to resort to nourishing care. Upstream, the use of a tonic lotion spread with cotton is recommended to optimize cleansing and prepare the skin for hydration. Then, a serum is applied, the active agents of which are immediately absorbed. The conclusion of the routine is embodied by the application of the night cream. It promotes intense and lasting hydration while you sleep. Among the most frequent active ingredients of these products are vitamins C and E with antioxidant power.

The choice of the product

A night care with an oily consistency is to be preferred if your skin is dry. You will find that it is not really suitable for morning care, since it is generally the cause of an unattractive shine on the face. Conversely, if your face tends to naturally shine, select a special treatment for combination skin instead, so as not to boost the production of serum.

For example, finding skin care products with a light texture has the power to regulate the sebaceous glands. Suitable for mature skin in search of firmness, care products such as anti-wrinkle or plumping creams with anti-ageing active ingredients.

Its application

Take in your hand a hazelnut of the product and heat it up quickly. With the flat of your hands, you can spread the cream over your face and neck, without getting too close to the eyelids and eye contour.

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