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Nail polish: what are the basics to have?

To get manicures that are as pretty as they are varied, it is best to have a few basics in your collection. This will make it easier to adapt your style to every occasion.

The basis :

This one will make it possible to protect your nails from the color which will be applied above by preserving them from the transfers of pigments. This will avoid coloring and yellowing your nails. You can find some with whitening, hardening, nourishing properties…

The top-coat :

This transparent varnish is applied as a final touch over the color to make it shine and to improve the hold of the varnish and prevent it from flaking.

The red varnish :

Ideal for a glamorous look, or to energize a slightly sober outfit.

The black varnish :

Not always easy to wear, it is however very chic and brings a glam or rock side depending on the associated outfit.

The pearl varnish :

Whether white or pink, it will subtly dress the nails in a very feminine and refined way. It will suit all occasions and will be perfect for any important appointment.

Opaque white :

It can be worn alone on a tanned skin to bring out the tan, or simply on the edge of the nail to achieve a French manicure with a beige or a transparent pink.

The pastel or acidulous :

These colors are very pretty in summer to enhance a casual look.

Baby pink nail polish :

This is a great classic that suits all skin tones. This color allows you to get clean hands in an instant. It remains discreet while bringing its little charm.

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