Basil essential oil, ideal in case of overwork in 2021

Basil essential oil, ideal in case of overwork.

You are overworked, stressed, under constant pressure and of course, this has an impact on your mood, digestion and sleep? Today we offer you a natural solution to all these problems: basil essential oil. A life far too stressful For most of us, we are all under heavy professional pressure, with agendas that never end, […]

Headaches, stress, digestion…in 2021, Lavender, an essential oil to do everything

Lavender an essential oil for everything

Against stress, headaches, infections, muscular pains, premenstrual pains, but also insects… Essential oil is a natural solution to relieve you. Lavender contains phenolic acids, coumarin and its essential oil (EO) contains in particular terpene alcohols such as linalool (very present in shampoos, soaps and creams) and geraniol (also present in geranium, lemon and citronella essential […]

The benefits of essential oils in 2021

In Australia nature offers many wonders including essential oils. Drawn from various natural sources such as flowers and bark, these natural essences have many positive effects on our bodies. Indeed, they allow us to take care of our health on a physical level, but also on a mental level. We suggest that you discover some […]

The 12 essential oils to have at home

We hear more and more about essential oils, they are effective against many ailments, but it is often difficult to know which ones are the most useful. We have therefore selected for you, the 12 essential oils that are essential to have at home. Basil With its action on the nervous system, basil essential oil […]