At 8 weeks pregnant, You and Your Baby,

7 weeks pregnant

There’s good news! This week is a watershed moment in your pregnancy, and it’s the week when nausea fades for those who have been experiencing it. It isn’t going away, but it is becoming less common. A happy pregnancy begins right now! Amenorrhea for a week: 10th 8th week of pregnancy 3 cm  to 3 […]

the seventh week of pregnancy


Good news! This week marks a real turning point in your pregnancy, and it’s the week when nausea diminishes for those who were suffering from it. It’s not going away, but it’s finally becoming less frequent. A fulfilled pregnancy… it starts now! Week of amenorrhea: 9th Week of pregnancy: 7th Embryo: 16 to 21 mm […]

Pregnancy in 2021- week 6

Pregnancy - week 6

Pregnancy during the sixth week is not a restful one for the mother-to-be that you are. Your hormones are playing tricks on you, and your mood is feeling the pinch: those around you, and especially the father-to-be, are likely to notice. But after all it’s normal, you’re pregnant… And this week is important! Amenorrhea week: […]

Pregnancy – week 5


We’re not going to hide it from you: the radiant pregnant woman… it’s not for you this week! The fifth week of pregnancy is exhausting because there are many changes in your body. Not to mention the fact that the baby is building its nest and taking up a little more space… So what’s really […]

Teenagers “disconnected” from their sleep needs!

Too much time spent in front of the screens in the evening Over the past decade or so, the amount of time spent in front of screens in the evening before bedtime has been increasing among teenagers. However, what has changed is the media used: TV is almost completely abandoned in favor of computers and […]

Puberty: Why do our teens look so bad in their skin?

Seeing your body transform, gradually leaving childhood to reach adulthood… Puberty is one of the major upheavals of life. No wonder then, that our teenagers sometimes look so bad in their skin. Puberty is a loss of bearings, both corporal and familial. The body’s landmarks Seeing your breasts grow, blood flowing each month at the […]

How do you cleanse your skin when you’re a teenager?

Facial care is particular for teenagers. The skin becomes oily and acne-prone as a result of major physiological changes. To cleanse it naturally and effectively, we use without hesitation vegetable oils, Marseille soap, rose water… Oily skin, acne problems, teenagers and young adults need special care. To cleanse their skin, it is out of the […]

How do you discuss the subject of menstruation with your daughter?

Your “little” girl has grown up well, the first signs of adolescence appear (hair, breast development) … Maybe it’s time to talk about an important subject: menstruation. But how and when to start the discussion? Choosing the right time Although most moms don’t bring up the subject until after the first period, it’s best to […]

Toxic products in children’s clothing

Did you know that dangerous toxic substances were contained in some children’s clothing? Reading what follows, some parents may take a different look at the designer clothes they buy their children… The environmental organization, Greenpeace, submitted 82 articles from twelve different brands in the children’s textile industry for analysis. Among the targeted brands were Nike, […]

School phobia, an insidious evil not to be taken lightly

Your child has a stomach ache every morning, complains of migraines or nausea and refuses to go to school? Before calling him lazy, make sure he doesn’t suffer from school phobia, a serious disorder that affects 1 to 5% of students and can have dramatic consequences. What is a school phobia? Stomach aches on Monday […]