5 cocooning and wellness home treatments for winter

Between the stress of the year that has built up, falling temperatures and the holiday season often filled with excesses, you need to take care of yourself! Get into cosy mode with our 5 cocooning and wellness home treatments for the winter… Winter, the ideal time to take care of yourself Although self-care should have […]

Covid-19: how to take care of your skin when wearing a mask?

The permanent wearing of the mask is essential to limit the spread of the coronavirus. However, it is advisable to adapt your beauty routine in order to limit the appearance of imperfections due to blocked pores. Our advice. Since the beginning of the epidemic, we have all been wearing masks to limit the spread of […]

The secrets of beautiful skin on a daily basis

Staying up too late at night creates dark circles under the eyes. What can you do? Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to the appearance of imperfections. Is there a solution? This article will help you find solutions to all these problems and prevent them as far as possible. If you carefully follow the […]

What are the ecological alternatives to sunscreen?

Most of the sun creams sold on the market turn out to be very polluting. How to protect yourself from UV rays while respecting the environment, we tell you everything! Australians are paying more and more attention to the composition of the products they consume, particularly with regard to cosmetics. Yes, but some products are […]

A tanned complexion without the sun: our home-made tricks

Not very sunny days, no desire to take risks by exposing oneself to the sun… To have a nice tanned complexion without going sunbathing, we have some little tricks! In summer, we are all looking forward to seeing our gambettes change colour and get a tanned complexion! However, it is not healthy to expose yourself […]

The benefits of aloe vera in 2021


Aloe vera has a multitude of benefits! Ideal for the summer, we explain how to use it to get the most out of its properties. With its more than 300 species, the aloe is a plant whose different varieties are grouped around a base: their benefits. And yes, in beauty as well as in cooking, […]

Manicure and pedicure at home: our tips

Because not all of us have the budget or the desire to put our nails in the hands of a professional, we have put together for you our tips for becoming the queen of the home manicure/pedicure! Tips and recipes for natural nail care that you can make at home… The essentials Before you start, […]