Couple: communicating, the secret of success!

The lack of communication in a couple can quickly lead to conflict and even break-up. The solution: discuss and rely on both the good and the bad to move forward and be happy! In a couple, it’s not good to let routine, or worse, discomfort set in…When there’s a worry, no matter what it is, […]

Does your partner lack emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is essential for a good understanding within the couple. Everything you need to know on the subject in this article! For some time now, you’ve been noticing that your partner is becoming more and more cold and distant? It may be a lack of emotional intelligence. How do you recognize this problem? What […]

How to organize an eco-responsible wedding?

Celebrating the most beautiful day of your life while respecting the planet is possible! We give you all the keys to unite in an eco-responsible way. If the reflexes of the French are changing in terms of eco-responsibility, sustainability and ecology, they are easier to apply on a daily basis than during exceptional events. However, […]

5 original and romantic gift ideas

To say “I love you” to your partner in an original way, there’s nothing like giving him or her a gift that is truly out of the ordinary. Indeed, even if the solidity of the couple is based on mutual trust, respect, fidelity, etc., small attentions are necessary to remind the loved one that he […]