His Secret Obsession Review in 2022, Is it a Good Investment?

His secret obsession

Is It Worth the Money to invist in “His Secret Obsession” in 2022?   His Secret Obsession is a best-selling relationship book for women.   What does a 33-year-old man who makes a livelihood writing about relationships and psychology think about His Secret Obsession?   Is your time and money well spent?   Find out […]

Premenopause: Facing capricious periods

Before menopause, women go through a hormonal transition period called premenopause. Menstruation can then become very heavy and can occur at any time, either very far apart or very close together. This is a difficult period for the woman who sometimes struggles to cope with it. Does menopause suddenly appear? The menopause corresponds to a […]

At menopause, are women more sensitive to the sun?

From the age of 45 onwards, our skin is increasingly fragile, not only because of repeated exposure to the sun over the years, but also because of the hormonal upheavals of menopause. In order to enjoy the benefits of the sun for as long as possible, it is therefore important to preserve as much of […]

Is it necessary to fear the hormonal treatment of the menopause?

The hormonal treatment of menopause has long been controversial. Increased risk of breast cancer, fear of putting on weight…Yet, it is known to improve quality of life during this sometimes difficult period of life, and it is also known to bring obvious benefits in the fight against colon cancer and osteoporosis. A much better quality […]

How to naturally relieve menopausal symptoms

At menopause, the drop in estrogen leads to symptoms that are often uncomfortable for women: hot flashes, irritability, sleep disorders, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis… Discover the natural solutions that can alleviate these worries. I fight against hot flashes Why hot flashes? The regulation of body temperature is a complex phenomenon, involving vascular, hepatic and thyroid factors, […]

3rd and 4th generation pills: increased risk of confirmed venous thrombosis

A new study has just confirmed the increased risk of blood clots with 3rd and 4th generation pills compared to patients not using pills and compared to those using 1st and 2nd generation pills. The controversy continues The controversy surrounding the 3rd and 4th generation pills had erupted at the end of 2012 when Marion […]

The contraceptive implant: continuous contraception for 3 years

The contraceptive implant is a little-known method of contraception. However, it is more than 99% reliable and is a good compromise when you cannot tolerate IUDs or when you forget your pill too often. Read all about this contraceptive system. What is a contraceptive implant? The contraceptive implant is a contraceptive system that allows the […]

I use tampons: is it dangerous?

Recently, it was learned that a 27-year-old American model, Lauren Wasser, suffered toxic shock from prolonged tampon wear. This extremely rare event resulted in the amputation of her right leg. To better understand the cause of this type of problem and to find out if it can happen frequently, Dr. Lionel Reyftmann, a gynecologist based […]

Female Viagra is finally coming out

Announced some time ago, Female Viagra has just been approved for the American market. How does this new drug work? Is it a real revolution for women? The pink pill will soon be on sale in the United States We knew the famous blue pill, but since August, we can also count on the little […]

Spice up your married life – Make your sex life a success

While having a fulfilling sex life does not necessarily guarantee good health, it has a strong effect on morale and therefore generates additional well-being. The love market: in full evolution While having a fulfilling sex life does not necessarily guarantee good health, it has a strong effect on morale and therefore generates additional well-being. Of […]