How to compose your natural home pharmacy in 2021: the essentials

How to compose your natural home pharmacy: the essentials

It is not always easy to know what could replace the usual paracetamol or your disinfectant in case of a wound… That’s why we have put together a list of essential products and oils to have in your natural home pharmacy! Aloe Vera gel A true multitasker in your natural home pharmacy, Aloe Vera gel […]

How to stay young in 2021: the youthful secrets of Asian women

How to stay young in 2021: the youthful secrets of Asian women

In Asia, to stay young, many women have lifestyle habits (diet, physical activity …) that allow them to keep a firm skin and a toned body longer. We tell you more! Many Asian women pay a lot of attention to their figure, maintain their skin and therefore often look much younger. What is their secret? […]

What can I do about excessive sweating in 2021? : natural remedies

Fighting against excessive sweating with natural remedies

Excessive sweating often causes discomfort and malaise, mainly due to the smell. People suffering from this problem are looking for effective and lasting solutions. Like them, you can choose from several natural remedies that will help you fight excess perspiration. Your efforts will bear fruit after a while, so I advise you to be perseverant […]

Lemon: a natural remedy in 2021, for angina and sore throat

Lemon a natural remedy for angina and sore throat

Did you know that lemon has multiple therapeutic virtues, and that it was notably recognized as a very good anti-infectious? Its antiviral and antibacterial properties make this fruit a very effective natural remedy for sore throats and angina. The lemon that has always healed Originally from China and India, lemon was very early considered as […]

The health benefits of cider vinegar in 2021?

discover the Benefits of apple cider vinegar for women

Apple cider vinegar contains a large number of nutrients and chemical compounds that make it an effective natural ingredient in treating a large number of diseases and preventing others. To fully get the benefits of apple cider vinegar; Raw types should be used, which retain the beneficial bacteria and enzymes that are not found in […]

10 details you need to know about dental implants in 2021

details about the dental implant

What exactly is a dental implants? What are the different steps of the installation? Can my surgeon perform this procedure in his office? Are there any contraindications? Ten answers around the dental implant. 1. A dental implant makes it possible to replace one or more teeth and regain “real teeth”. However, the term “dental implant” […]

Prenatal ultrasounds: essential examinations in 2021

Prenatal ultrasounds essential examinations

Carried out since the 1970s, prenatal ultrasounds have become very important examinations in monitoring fetal development, not only for parents to discover their child, but above all to visualize possible anomalies and malformations. What is the purpose of these Prenatal ultrasound scans? 3 mandatory ultrasounds are offered during pregnancy: in the first, second and third […]

Why Blueberry mouthwash can prevent tartar build-up in 2021?

Do you like blueberries? Good, it’s good news, because it prevents the formation of plaque and gum inflammation. Blueberry mouthwash Proven anti-scale action A recent study conducted in Laval, Canada, and published in the Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, shows that wild blueberries are excellent for preventing plaque formation. Indeed, the polyphenols contained in […]

Mouthwash, mouth hygiene to consume in moderation in 2021

Mouthwash consume in moderation

Concerned about their dental hygiene, many people use mouthwashes in addition to brushing their teeth regularly. It is however advised to use them only when necessary. Indeed, the prolonged use of mouthwashes has side effects, both on dental health and general health. Therefore, always read the labels on your bottles carefully to learn more about […]