Is your breastfeeding going badly in 2021? Homeopathy, an interesting ally

breastfeeding going badly Homeopathy, an interesting ally

Homeopathy will be of great help for the small problems of breastfeeding: not enough milk, cracks, engorgement? Not enough milk, too much milk, cracked breasts, engorgement… small problems that can disrupt the smooth progress of breastfeeding. Rest assured, homeopathy is there to help you solve these little problems so that everything goes as well as […]

Hot flashes: homeopathy can help you

All of a sudden you turn all red, you start to feel very hot, to sweat, even in the middle of winter… What a calamity these hot flashes that poison our lives, day and night. What if you tried homeopathy to alleviate all these symptoms? Systematic treatment in the pre-menopause period. From the onset of […]

Is it still necessary to use homeopathy?

What is homeopathy? Homeopathy is part of what is known as alternative medicine. It was invented 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnermann, a German doctor. The operating principle is quite simple. It does not focus on treating the symptoms of an illness, but on the patient’s general state of health. By getting the body to […]