These habits that affect our morale in 2021


Whether we are aware of it or not, certain habits affect our morale on a daily basis. Toxic relationships, smartphone addiction or poor nutrition can affect our well-being, and even trigger anxiety or anguish. What are these habits that affect us? How do you know if some of your habits are affecting your mood? At […]

How to do an emunctory organs detox in 2021

Spring detox: focus on the emunctory organs

Focus on the emunctory organs : cleansing our body is essential for good health The detox of the emunctory organs, allows the cleaning of our body to be in good health. This is the principle of a detoxification, often done in the spring. However, to be really effective, this cleansing of the body must take […]

How to meditate with the Tibetan bowl?

Meditation can be practiced in many ways. But among the various techniques that exist, meditation with the Tibetan bowl seems to provide particularly interesting results. Thus, the Tibetan bowl is an essential meditation accessory for monks and is increasingly used by private individuals. In order to fully enjoy it, you obviously need to know how […]

How to boost your health through breathing?

Breathing is one of the simplest and most natural processes. The nervous system carries out this vital function without our knowledge and almost automatically. If this automatism keeps you alive, good breathing can have much more beneficial effects. Indeed, the power of breathing is much greater. With good breathing techniques, you boost your health and […]

Tea can actually help one lose weight!

If you have been fussy and mindful about losing weight, you must have already tried a lot of techniques to date? Of those some might have proven to be good and effective in ways, while others might have been pure disappointment. What if you were told that even tea could actually aid in the loss […]