How to create a yoga space at home in 2021


Whether you practice yoga to wake up gently each morning or to strengthen your muscles, this sport requires a space, not always easy to arrange at home. However, there are many ideas to easily set up a yoga space at home… Yoga space at home, for a softer life The practice of yoga brings a […]

Move well – The best fitness program week in 2021

Move well - The best fitness program week in 2021

It only takes a period of inactivity or overeating to feel the need to move and lose weight. A one week fitness program to get back to your ideal weight “without getting too tired”. This one-week fitness program requires only 8 minutes a day to give you a dream body. Put on your gym clothes! […]

Essential gestures to practise after sport

Regular physical activity is essential to feel good in your head and in your trainers! But to get the most out of your sessions, there are a few tips to follow in post-exercise. We’ll explain it all to you! Doing sport to be in shape is good! But applying the right gestures after sport in […]

On top with the crossfit

Crossfit is a sports training method that was invented in the 1970s by Greg Glassman, a former gymnast turned sports coach. This method is based on endurance exercises, strength training, gymnastic movements and weightlifting and was first used mainly by physical trainers in the army, police and fire brigade. Crossfit became popular with the general […]

Sport for beginners: fitness programme for gentle toning up at home

Getting into sport, or even getting back into sport, is not always easy. Especially since most of the advice and videos you can find on the internet or on social networks are not necessarily aimed at beginners … So as not to discourage you from the first week, and while staying at home, we have […]

Effectiveness of water in losing weight

Water offers us countless benefits ranging from a glowing and fresh skin to healthy hair and nails. But did you know that it’s also useful when it comes to losing weight? Read on to see how water helps you in achieving your weight loss target. I will be explaining it in a simple and comprehensible […]

Learning about thigh dimples

Some people experience dimples on their thighs, which is scientifically known as cellulite. It seems like a medical condition but is nothing serious. Most people have this cellulite problem so one should not worry about it so much.   About Cellulite:   Cellulite is actually the subcutaneous fat that develops beneath the skin. The fat becomes […]