Teenagers “disconnected” from their sleep needs!

Too much time spent in front of the screens in the evening Over the past decade or so, the amount of time spent in front of screens in the evening before bedtime has been increasing among teenagers. However, what has changed is the media used: TV is almost completely abandoned in favor of computers and […]

Puberty: Why do our teens look so bad in their skin?

Seeing your body transform, gradually leaving childhood to reach adulthood… Puberty is one of the major upheavals of life. No wonder then, that our teenagers sometimes look so bad in their skin. Puberty is a loss of bearings, both corporal and familial. The body’s landmarks Seeing your breasts grow, blood flowing each month at the […]

How do you cleanse your skin when you’re a teenager?

Facial care is particular for teenagers. The skin becomes oily and acne-prone as a result of major physiological changes. To cleanse it naturally and effectively, we use without hesitation vegetable oils, Marseille soap, rose water… Oily skin, acne problems, teenagers and young adults need special care. To cleanse their skin, it is out of the […]

How do you discuss the subject of menstruation with your daughter?

Your “little” girl has grown up well, the first signs of adolescence appear (hair, breast development) … Maybe it’s time to talk about an important subject: menstruation. But how and when to start the discussion? Choosing the right time Although most moms don’t bring up the subject until after the first period, it’s best to […]