These habits that affect our morale in 2021


Whether we are aware of it or not, certain habits affect our morale on a daily basis. Toxic relationships, smartphone addiction or poor nutrition can affect our well-being, and even trigger anxiety or anguish. What are these habits that affect us? How do you know if some of your habits are affecting your mood? At […]

How to create a yoga space at home in 2021


Whether you practice yoga to wake up gently each morning or to strengthen your muscles, this sport requires a space, not always easy to arrange at home. However, there are many ideas to easily set up a yoga space at home… Yoga space at home, for a softer life The practice of yoga brings a […]

How to do an emunctory organs detox in 2021

Spring detox: focus on the emunctory organs

Focus on the emunctory organs : cleansing our body is essential for good health The detox of the emunctory organs, allows the cleaning of our body to be in good health. This is the principle of a detoxification, often done in the spring. However, to be really effective, this cleansing of the body must take […]

Move well – The best fitness program week in 2021

Move well - The best fitness program week in 2021

It only takes a period of inactivity or overeating to feel the need to move and lose weight. A one week fitness program to get back to your ideal weight “without getting too tired”. This one-week fitness program requires only 8 minutes a day to give you a dream body. Put on your gym clothes! […]

Anti-aging commandments in 2021


Adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your skin and your body in general, is the best anti-aging remedy, which will help you limit the effects of time, and age better. Anti-aging: our advice for a radiant complexion Scrubbing By eliminating dead skin, the scrub allows cells to regenerate. It immediately restores radiance to […]

Detect the signs of burn-out before it’s too late!

Burnout, this occupational ailment, can affect anyone and totally devastate a person’s life and health. Insidious, this ailment, considered a novelty of our century, is gradually intruding into our professional and personal lives, without our detecting it. However, there are warning signs that must be taken into account immediately to prevent the disease from breaking […]

Teleworking: our tips for being efficient at home

It’s not always easy to be productive when working from home! Check out our tips on how to get there. In these particular times, telework has become democratized, very quickly and quite brutally for some of us . In this article, we give you our tips to be efficient when working from home! Prepare yourself […]

Yawning: a still little-known mechanism

Yawn. This gesture is part of our daily life. We just got up, we yawn. We digest, we yawn. We see someone yawning in front of us, we yawn too. But, haven’t you ever wondered where this desire comes from? What are the physiological reflexes that make us open our mouths wide all of a […]

Why take a nap?

We know that sleep is essential for the body and well-being. Thus, taking a nap proves to be a major asset to optimize your days and your performance. However, very few people take the time to take a nap… Here are a few advantages to rest a little during the day, to be in great […]

Rejuvenate: the anti-ageing benefits of soya

Soya is one of the key foods in Asian cuisine. It’s not just for its nutritional qualities that it’s so highly prized. Indeed, the virtues of soya are numerous! In particular, it helps you to stay young and get over the menopause. Tonicity is a must With age, the skin slackens. To reduce the effects […]