Detect the signs of burn-out before it’s too late!

Burnout, this occupational ailment, can affect anyone and totally devastate a person’s life and health. Insidious, this ailment, considered a novelty of our century, is gradually intruding into our professional and personal lives, without our detecting it. However, there are warning signs that must be taken into account immediately to prevent the disease from breaking […]

Teleworking: our tips for being efficient at home

It’s not always easy to be productive when working from home! Check out our tips on how to get there. In these particular times, telework has become democratized, very quickly and quite brutally for some of us . In this article, we give you our tips to be efficient when working from home! Prepare yourself […]

Our tips to combat procrastination

We all have a tendency to procrastinate, which is the chronic habit of putting things off. But why do we do this? And how do we combat procrastination? Find our tips… Procrastination: what is it and why do we do it? We all, at one time or another, feel like postponing today’s unpleasant tasks until […]

5 great ideas for a dietetic breakfast

Eating breakfast is important to control your appetite throughout the day. It’s also a great way to replenish your energy for work or school! But if you feel hungry right away at 10 or 11 o’clock, it’s often due to a breakfast that’s too light or not at all. This is a situation that is […]