Toxic products in children’s clothing

Did you know that dangerous toxic substances were contained in some children’s clothing? Reading what follows, some parents may take a different look at the designer clothes they buy their children… The environmental organization, Greenpeace, submitted 82 articles from twelve different brands in the children’s textile industry for analysis. Among the targeted brands were Nike, […]

School phobia, an insidious evil not to be taken lightly

Your child has a stomach ache every morning, complains of migraines or nausea and refuses to go to school? Before calling him lazy, make sure he doesn’t suffer from school phobia, a serious disorder that affects 1 to 5% of students and can have dramatic consequences. What is a school phobia? Stomach aches on Monday […]

Parents : 4 ways to take care of our children

How is love woven? What foods to choose for our children? How can we help them grow up in a world that goes faster and faster when we are invaded by daily stress? Anaïs Bracq, Chinese doctor, psychotherapist, gives you some natural ways to fully enjoy the happiness of being a parent. The physical and […]

Children at home, how to keep them occupied?

When children are at home, it is not necessarily easy to keep them occupied and one is quickly tempted to put them in front of a screen. However, studies show that it is not good to leave children in front of a screen (television, smartphone, tablet…). It is even recommended to completely ban screens before […]