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5 original and romantic gift ideas

To say “I love you” to your partner in an original way, there’s nothing like giving him or her a gift that is truly out of the ordinary.

Indeed, even if the solidity of the couple is based on mutual trust, respect, fidelity, etc., small attentions are necessary to remind the loved one that he or she still has a special place in your heart and that you continue to love him or her, despite the passing days.

In order to make your loved one understand that you are happy to be with him or her as a couple, it is essential to offer him or her a gift that expresses all the love you feel. So this time, you’ll have to make a big splash and leave out all the basic romantic gifts such as jewelry, chocolate or perfume. Here are 5 ideas of original and romantic gifts that you can offer to your spouse.

A bear in roses

One of the best gifts to offer for an event such as Valentine’s Day or the birthday of your loved one is a beautiful bouquet of red roses. Timeless, this attention will delight your loved one. However, we talked about original ideas. For an absolutely adorable gift, the florist craftsmen propose a new creation: the eternal rose bear.

This creation is a perfect compromise between the bouquet of flowers and the adorable teddy bear. With this cute rose bear, you are sure to please and surprise her. The eternal rose bear is a real proof of love to his half, because it is a magnificent present to give on a special occasion.

No matter what the color of the flowers, offering a pink bear is synonymous with love, affection, fidelity and passion. It is a great way to show your feelings to your girlfriend or to apologize.

The eternal rose bear is also an unforgettable and lasting gift because it keeps very well over time, unlike classic bouquets of flowers that are ephemeral and end up in the trash. Your darling will be able to keep it for a long time and will think of you every time she looks at it. With this creation, the proof of your love and tenderness will remain forever engraved in her memory and in her heart. In fact, if you are looking for an original and irresistible gift, this will be the ideal gift.

A temporary tattoo

If you really want to surprise your lover and prove to him/her that you are crazy about him/her, tattooing is one of the best gifts you can give him/her. Some people may think that such an act is exaggerated or even thoughtless. But isn’t it said that the heart has its reasons that reason ignores?

To show your partner that you have it in your skin and that you want to grow old at his side, tattooing his name is a very original and above all very romantic idea. Everyone knows that tattooing hurts and that you really have to love another person to put their name or initials on a part of their body.

However, we advise you to be cautious and to bet on a temporary tattoo, at least in the first place, especially if you are not a fan of this type of practice and just want to do it to show your half, all that you are ready to do for her or him.

A candlelight massage

In order for a romantic gift to be unforgettable and to really please the person receiving it, it is essential that the person puts his or her heart into it. This is why products such as jewelry, perfume or chocolate no longer have the same impact. They are too banal gifts that do not require a strong involvement from the person who offers them.

So, if you really want to spend a privileged, memorable and very pleasant moment with your partner, we advise you to bet on a massage, with an oil with bewitching scents, such as Monoï, candles diffusing a good scent of roses and a beautiful background music.

By offering this moment of relaxation and well-being to your partner, you allow him or her to get rid of all the stress accumulated during the work week and to appreciate your presence. You can be sure that the pleasure you will give him or her by organizing this moment will surpass the satisfaction generated by all the gold in the world.

Little bonus: after the candlelight massage, continue on the same path and lead your love to the romantic dinner you have prepared especially for him/her. With a surprise like this, the chances of your partner not being won over are low to non-existent.

A nice treasure hunt

If you and your partner like puzzles, why not play the originality card by betting on a magnificent complimentary jar that you will offer your partner by organizing a treasure hunt on the theme of your love story? Through a well elaborated path starting from your first meeting, your previous love encounters and the most memorable moments of your couple, you will embark your partner in an exciting game that will guide her towards you for a languorous kiss and a romantic evening.

A beautiful compliment jar

If you’ve been together for a long time, your partner has probably already blamed you for the fact that you don’t pay him or her as many compliments as you did at the beginning of your relationship. Indeed, after several years of relationship, many people lose sight of the fact that it is important to keep the flame alive. They therefore fall into a routine that can be harmful for their couples, especially if nothing is done.

Compliments are important because they value your loved one and let him or her know that you still appreciate him or her. In fact, we advise you to make a compliment jar.

All you need is a glass jar that you fill with small papers on which you write a compliment. All your partner will have to do is pull one out every time he wants one in order to have a smile on his face.

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