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Couple: communicating, the secret of success!

The lack of communication in a couple can quickly lead to conflict and even break-up. The solution: discuss and rely on both the good and the bad to move forward and be happy!

In a couple, it’s not good to let routine, or worse, discomfort set in…When there’s a worry, no matter what it is, it’s important to loosen tongues and burst the abscess, especially when it comes to intimate relationships. I feel uncomfortable as soon as I’m under the comforter? Some of his gestures displease me but I don’t dare to talk to him about them? Boredom is sometimes palpable for him or me? It is high time to react and to COMMUNICATE !!!

Communicating: a breath of fresh air for my couple

How long has it been since we have taken stock of our intimate life or discussed the subject in general? When you think about it… quite a while! The habits are installed and we take less and less time to talk together about our relationship…

Even if the pleasure is always there, talking about it can only be beneficial and open new horizons of love! I don’t have to wait for the situation to become difficult or conflictual to react, I have to keep the flame alive on a daily basis.

Having trouble talking about it directly with him? I find an attentive ear

If I feel uncomfortable and don’t dare to talk to my partner about it, I opt for another solution that is much more effective than it seems: talk to a friend with whom I am comfortable on the subject (preferably as a couple as well) and ask for her opinion.

Talking openly with a third party will help me take stock of the situation. Even without confiding too much, this exchange allows me to put into words what I have on my mind, whether it’s a small or a big problem with my significant other…

Tonight I’m going to go ahead and talk to him about it!

Be careful, to avoid unnecessary tension, I avoid starting the discussion in bed… Like any conciliation, it must take place in a neutral place!

I organize a small tête à tête without pressure, I choose a calm moment, favourable to complicity. Above all, I don’t leave on the tone of reproach, I speak to him openly without talking about the problem directly but rather by evoking naughty memories, funny situations in which we found ourselves… Those moments of fusional complicity that you miss so much…

By opening each of your hearts, it will set (if you can put it that way…) your clocks back on time and you will leave together on solid foundations.

Good communication within the couple is essential so that love, in all its forms, remains a source of happiness and pleasure. Disagreements will fly away to the benefit of an unfailing complicity!

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