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His Secret Obsession Review in 2022, Is it a Good Investment?

His secret obsession

Is It Worth the Money to invist in “His Secret Obsession” in 2022?


His Secret Obsession is a best-selling relationship book for women.


What does a 33-year-old man who makes a livelihood writing about relationships and psychology think about His Secret Obsession?


Is your time and money well spent?


Find out in my in-depth review of His Secret Obsession.


Are there any other options you should think about?

Should you read it, in my opinion?


What is the source of his secret obsession?


Best-selling author James Bauer has written a new dating book called His Secret Obsession. It enables women to be in a long-term, devoted, and passionate relationship with the man they love.what men really want? his secret obsession


The book’s key point is that women should tap into their man’s hero instinct.

Men want to live important lives and be valued for their achievements, which is what the hero impulse is all about. When it comes to relationships, the hero impulse is amplified: men want to be a hero to the women they love and care about.

The most important thing to remember about the hero instinct is this:


A man will be drawn to any woman who makes him feel like her every day hero, but he will be hesitant to commit if he does not.


His Secret Obsession teaches you how to use words, phrases, and text messages to elicit your man’s hero instinct.


Following the publication of this book, I began blogging extensively on my own website, Hack Spirit, about the hero impulse. I’m a big supporter of the notion since it reveals the truth about what motivates guys in relationships.


Why should you believe “His secret obsession ” review?


I understand how difficult it is to discover reliable web reviews. It’s critical to ensure that what you’re reading is real, especially if you’re considering paying for it.


As a result, I only advocate or give my opinion on things that I’ve tried and tested myself.


Because I give relationship advise for a career, I was interested in checking out His Secret Obsession. I’m always on the lookout for beneficial items or instructions to share with my audience.


By the end of this review, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from His Secret Obsession and whether it’ll be beneficial to your relationship.


Who does he have a secret crush on?

The quick response is:


Any woman who wishes to comprehend her man and earn his affection.


But, because this is such a broad range, let’s take a closer look at who will benefit from this eBook:


he will be addict to you forever, his secret obsessionWomen who wish to pique a man’s interest in them

Women who want to move from dating their man to being in a committed relationship Women who want to take their friendship to the next level

Women whose partners appear emotionally indifferent or aloof

Women who do not want to settle for a mediocre relationship and instead demand the best

Women who want their man to pay attention to them, love them, and respect them.

But most importantly, it’s for ladies who are willing to try something new.

This isn’t the kind of relationship book that promises to solve all of your issues in a single sitting.

You must be willing to put up an effort and adhere to the various signals and phrases. And sometimes it means waiting at the right moment or tailoring your words to your man and the situation.


Visit the official His Secret Obsession website by clicking here.


What’s on the inside of the book “His secret Obsession” ?

His Secret Obsession is divided into three sections:



Part one delves into the mechanics of the hero impulse.

Part two explains how to activate his hero instinct in a practical way.

Text message formulae are included as a bonus at the end of the book, and you may start sending them to your boyfriend right now.

The book has 17 modules that deconstruct the psychology of the hero instinct and offer practical advice and tactics for triggering it in your man.


James Bauer outlines the words, phrases, and small requests that can be used to activate this inherent masculine desire.

The book itself is 217 pages long.


Signals and their applications


Signals and their applications

Throughout the book, you’ll come across a variety of signals, each with its own purpose. While one signal may be focused on getting your man to open up to you, another may be focused on obtaining his undivided attention and interest.


Here’s a quick rundown of the key indicators:

1. The “I owe you” signal is number one.

One of the reasons the hero instinct works so well with men is that it taps into their desire to be needed.


This signal and the phrases it contains are great whether you’re just starting out in a relationship or have been together for a long time. It’s the ultimate method to make a man in a relationship feel wanted and valuable.


And it’s as easy as asking for assistance – James Bauer makes it simple by providing template words for each of the signals.

2. The signal “private island”

This signal is all about your man’s perception of you. The “private island” phrases will work wonders if you want him to think of you as the woman of his dreams, with whom he’ll spend the rest of his life.


If you’re dating or in a relationship with a man who seems confused about you, this is the move to make.


Whether he’s afraid of commitment or is undecided about whether you’re “the one” for him, it’ll change the way he sees you.

3. The “X-ray dilemma”

To effectively exploit the hero instinct, you must first learn about your man’s ambitions and desires. What he wants out of life and what he is looking for in a companion.


Many men, on the other hand, clam up when they think of having a long, intimate conversation with someone who might make them feel vulnerable. He’ll open up in no time with the X-ray inquiries, and you’ll get to the heart of who he is and what he wants.


4. The signal “ex-back”

This signal is all about getting your ex back, as the name suggests.


In reality, it’s as simple as sending him a 12-word SMS that’s expertly intended to grab and hold his attention. This is good whether you’ve just broken up with him or have been yearning for him for a long time, although it’s probably less effective if you’ve been broken up with him for years.


It’s also helpful if you’ve been “on the shelf” and want to get back together with your partner.


5. The phrase “glimpse”

Showing him who you are, deep down and unabashedly, is a big part of winning over a man’s heart.


The phrase “glimpse” is intended to aid him in seeing a future with you. By seeing the real you, he may begin to imagine what life will be like for the two of you, piqueing his interest and dedication even further.

6. The “damsel in distress” signal is number six.

Men, at their core, desire to protect and provide for people they care about. They also want the lady they love to admire and respect them.


As a result, the “damsel in distress” signal plays a crucial role in the hero instinct. It’s not about playing the victim or seeming to be unable in order to boost his ego.


It’s about giving him a reason to exist and a function to play in your life. This is a must-have signal for any woman who wants her boyfriend to feel appreciated.


He’ll do everything he can to step up to the bat and be the partner you need and deserve as soon as it’s triggered.


7. The “curency” of good partnerships :


This signal is all about infusing your relationship with “emotional currency.”


Rather than waiting for happiness to arrive when he gets that new job or when you finish renovating the house, you may develop a joyful relationship now, regardless of what’s going on outside.


At its core, this signal is about expressing sincere gratitude to your man. You’ll awaken his inner-hero and increase his desire to contribute even more to the relationship if you do so.


8. Signals of “quiet activity”


These are signals that, as their name suggests, don’t require any explanation. You can transmit powerful signals just by using your body language and contact.


This is ideal if you have your eye on someone and want to draw their attention to yourself, or if you want to let them know you’re interested in them.

9. The “fascination” signal.

This signal will permanently imprint you in his memory, both together and apart, if you want him to be enthralled by you.


This is perfect for beginning partnerships, taking a friendship to the next level, and revitalizing stale connections.


The signal employs psychology to get your man emotionally tied to you, causing him to think of you as “we” rather than “I” all of the time.


James Bauer offers you specific phrases for each signal, and it’s up to you to customize them to fit your relationship.


The signals are subtle and easy to include into conversation without revealing to your partner that you’re relying on his hero instinct.


And while some may be beneficial to you while others are not, it all depends on what you want to modify or better in your relationship.


In this regard, having a variety of signals to pick from is advantageous.


Check Out His Secret Obsession (Best Price)


The Hero’s Impulse: What are my thoughts on the subject?

The hero impulse is an intriguing interpretation of what motivates men romantically.

phrase that will make your man come crawling back

I know how essential it is for everyone, both men and women, to live meaningful lives and devote themselves to what they are passionate about. However, James Bauer takes the search for meaning a step further by applying it to the way males approach dating and relationships.


Men, according to James, are actually quite simple.


The feeling of being a hero is something that all men desire. He claims that providing for women, protecting them, and feeling indispensable to them stems from our fundamental nature.

After giving it some thought, I believe there is a lot of truth to it.

Men desire to go above and above for women in order to earn her love and admiration.


Because when it comes to deciding whether to enter (or stay in) a relationship, guys are less concerned with your physical appearance, sense of humor, or ability to be a firecracker in bed.


What matters most to us is how the connection affects our self-esteem.


I recognize a lot of myself in James Bauer’s description of males and what we require.

I’m not the most dominant of men. Sure, I like to drink beer and watch football, but I’m also a Buddhist who has authored a book on mindfulness and has never fixed anything around the house.


But all males, like myself, are driven by a desire for meaning, respect, and to provide for the women we care about.


Is it really worth it to have “His Secret Obsession”?


I’ll go through the price of His Secret Obsession, as well as its benefits and drawbacks, in greater depth below.


However, you’re undoubtedly curious as to whether the book is worthwhile for you.


I’ve read quite a few dating books. While I want to provide my readers as many different perspectives as possible, I also want to separate genuine methods for finding love from gimmicks that don’t work.


I started to relate with the basic subject of His Secret Obsession after only a few pages: guys have an inclination to stand up for women and be a hero to them.


Because of political correctness, it may appear that we’ve moved on from the concept of “primal instinct.”

However, we haven’t done so. Men will always be men. And our instincts are still the same as they’ve always been.


For me, the nicest part of His Secret Obsession was discovering fresh ideas, insights, and techniques that I had never heard of before.


Everything in the book is based on how to use practical male psychology to improve your personal relationship.


His Secret Obsession is totally worth buying if you want to level up your love life in 2022 and be in a deep and passionate relationship with the man you love.


<<Click Here for the Best His Secret Obsession Price>>


What is the price of His Secret Obsession?


The price of His Secret Obsession is $47. The main eBook, workbook, and additional resources are all included in the purchase.


A book for $47 may raise a few eyebrows. It is unquestionably more expensive than a tub of yogurt. However, I appreciate the price tag because James Bauer put a lot of effort into this book and the related resources.


I’ve also discovered that the book is being sold on the black market on a few websites.


Always acquire it from the official website to assure you’re getting an original copy with all the bonus materials and your 60-day money back guarantee.


<<Visit the official His Secret Obsession website here>>


About James Bauer, Rachel, and the 12-word text


When you meet Rachel, the book takes a turn for the better.


She’ll be introduced to you right at the start of the book.


Rachel was one of James Bauer’s favorite clients, and she was having relationship problems. She kept her distance, not wanting to appear needy. Her partner didn’t text or phone back, so there was radio silence.


Does this ring a bell?


As a result, Rachel contacted her relationship coach, James Bauer.


He texted her a 12-word message that she could send to her lover. He returned to Rachel shortly after.


While James was delighted with the result, he was disappointed that he was only able to assist one woman. He was confident that he could assist others who were experiencing similar difficulties. That’s when he came up with the idea for His Secret Obsession.


In the book, James Bauer exposes the exact 12 word text that sparked her boyfriend’s hero instinct.


James Bauer is a prominent relationship coach and successful author.


He began his career as a certified psychologist before moving on to become a relationship counselor. He’s worked with thousands of men and women over the last 12 years to help them strengthen their relationships.


James Bauer found what he believes is the secret to deep, passionate, and long-lasting partnerships by meticulously researching their cases: the hero impulse.


His approach is informed by his personal experience as a therapist as well as his studies into human psychology.

All of this knowledge was distilled into James’ most recent book, His Secret Obsession.


What I admire most about him is that he does not claim to be a “dating guru.”


James Bauer lays out simple realities based on male psychology and his own 12 years of experience working with women and men.


His Secret Obsession’s advantages

As with any novel, there were some aspects of His Secret Obsession that I enjoyed and some that I didn’t.


Let’s begin with the positive.


This is the only dating guide you’ll ever need. You have all you need to succeed in your relationship with over 200 pages and a slew of supplementary materials. I learned a lot about how women should approach dating and relationships, and I also learned a lot about myself, which was shocking.


Everything is sensible. James Bauer discusses how women can activate a man’s hero impulse throughout his book. You’ll learn the specific phrases, texts, and requests you’ll be able to make. Remember that over the past 12 years, James Bauer has worked with many clients and has witnessed firsthand how his strategies work with actual couples.


The methods are based on research. His claims are supported up by the most recent psychological research. For example, he backed up every assertion he made about why a man wants to feel like a protector or how a woman “claiming” you is a turn on for a guy with proof. Although I had my doubts that anything would always work on me, the logic behind it was always convincing.


It’s simple to download. You don’t have to wait for His Secret Obsession to arrive in the mail because it’s an eBook. You can begin reading it right away.

Guaranteed money refunded. There aren’t going to be people who like every dating guide out there, but there’s no danger with this one. There’s nothing to lose when you have a 60-day money back guarantee.

Check Out His Secret Obsession (Best Price)


His Secret Obsession’s drawbacks

The novel isn’t flawless, as much as I enjoyed reading it. Here are some of its drawbacks.


  • The book’s layout can be a little difficult to navigate. There are distinct sections with words and signs, however some of them are threaded throughout the eBook’s first portions. The message, however, was still strong and obvious towards the end of the book.
  • The eBook must be read in its entirety. This isn’t the kind of book where you can just skim over sections. The early sections of the eBook build the foundation for the tactics and signals that will follow, therefore focus is essential.
  • Some theories could have been more thoroughly described. If you really want to grasp the psychology behind Bauer’s explanations, the lack of depth in some of the theories he references may appear a little superficial.
  • It’s only available in eBook and audio format. A true book is a paperback for some people. His Secret Obsession, on the other hand, is only available as an eBook and audiobook. I read the eBook from beginning to end and even tried out the CD. The tone of the voice was calm and assured.
  • The price of $47 for an eBook is higher than most. Even though it isn’t a large sum of money, it is something you should think about.

Are there any other options you should think about?


If you want to check out some other options before buying His Secret Obsession, here are a few to consider:

every man obsession, his secret obsession

His Secret Obsession vs. Text Chemistry


Amy North, a dating and relationship counselor, created Text Chemistry as a dating program to attract a man’s interest and establish chemistry.


Amy uses attention-grabbing language to give her readers a modern and practical approach to dating. All of these texts contain “hooks” that can be used in a variety of circumstances.


Text Chemistry is $49.95 and includes four eBooks as well as a 13-part video series.


His Secret Obsession focuses on how to tap into a man’s hero instinct and how to use that knowledge to get a man to fully commit to you. Text Chemistry, on the other hand, is all about capturing men’s attention through mobile phone discussions. When you’re thousands of miles apart, these tips can be very useful.

Which is the superior option?


You’ll get more out of His Secret Obsession if you want to know what guys really seek from a woman. In addition, James Bauer’s book includes a chapter on texting that is similar to Amy North’s approach.


Consider it this way: it’s always a good idea to get to know your opponent before engaging in combat.


His Secret Obsession vs. The  Devotion System


Amy North also invented The Devotion System, which is another successful relationship curriculum.


The three-part approach begins with addressing your fears and dealing with any baggage you may have from previous relationships. The book then goes through the many types of guys and common myths about how they think. Finally, it discusses how to strengthen and develop your relationship at every stage.


You’ll get four e-books, a 13-part video training series, and a three-part adaptive quiz system for $48.25.


If you believe you need to undertake some self-reflection before focusing on acquiring your man and nurturing your relationship, the Devotion System is for you.

If you already have a better understanding of yourself and want a more in-depth training on men’s inner workings and how to trigger their cravings, I believe you will benefit more from His Secret Obsession.


Check out The Devotion System to discover more about this product.


His Secret Obsession vs. Making Him Worship You


The content of the book “Make Him Worship You” is edited by Michael Fiore, a recognized expert in relational and sexual psychology.

The six-part documentary delves into the harsh reality of societal pressures and men’s emotional needs. It teaches you practical techniques to effectively communicate with guys by dispelling typical assumptions and beliefs about them.


Allow Him to Worship You are only $37, which is far less than the majority of eBooks and dating programs on the market.

Make Him Worship His Secret Obsession Both of you focus on what guys genuinely desire from women, which is comparable.


His Secret Obsession, on the other hand, strikes me as the more practical option. It delves into the inner workings of men’s minds and what motivates them in their pursuit for love.


Make sure to read the rest of my Make Him Worship You here.


What is the alternative of « his secret obsession »


It’s no secret that « His Secret Obsession » isn’t inexpensive.


There are some nice web resources to examine if you’re looking for free dating and relationship guidance.


Psychology Today is a popular website to visit. They offer a special section on relationships and provide expert-level content on mental health and behavioral science.


Another website containing information published by medical professionals is PsychCentral. While the most of the content is about mental illnesses, there is a section on relationships that has some useful information regarding how males behave in relationships.


Should you read it, in my opinion?


So, do I believe it’s worth it after reading the book and writing my His Secret Obsession review?


When I propose a new book, there are two things I look for.


I want it to provoke thought and teach me something new.

I want it to be extremely useful. It’s pointless to learn a new perspective on anything if you can’t put it into practice.

On both counts, James Bauer excels.


As a result, I believe it is well worth the money. Although $47 isn’t cheap, I haven’t found a dating book as extensive or informative as this one.


His Secret Obsession features the advice of a relationship expert with more than a decade of experience, as well as recommendations and techniques based on human psychology.


As a man, I learnt a lot about myself and the things I secretly seek, and I can only image how beneficial this will be for women as well.


If you’re having trouble getting a man to commit or want to improve your relationship, His Secret Obsession could be the answer.


<<Here is the link to the official His Secret Obsession website>>

Our team contributed to the creation of this post. We highlight products and services that we think you’ll like in our reviews. If you purchase them, we will receive a small commission. However, we only ever recommend goods that we have thoroughly researched and believe would be beneficial to you.

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