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How to organize an eco-responsible wedding?

Celebrating the most beautiful day of your life while respecting the planet is possible! We give you all the keys to unite in an eco-responsible way.

If the reflexes of the French are changing in terms of eco-responsibility, sustainability and ecology, they are easier to apply on a daily basis than during exceptional events. However, new consumer trends are being confirmed and are making their way in the minds of consumers, especially when it comes to the organization of their weddings. But how to organize such an event in an eco-responsible way?

An eco-responsible wedding: what is it?

Because we can get a little lost in this new lexicon: sustainable, responsible, eco-responsible, zero waste, ethics? We take stock for you on what an eco-responsible wedding is. The goal of such a wedding is to minimize the carbon footprint of the most beautiful day of your life. Dozens or even hundreds of people moving around, kilos of paper and cardboard of all kinds, double or triple crockery, astronomical quantities of food and a whole bunch of objects that will only be used that day, it is not difficult to understand why making your wedding a little more ecological can have a real impact on our environment.

The place

Choosing the location for a wedding reception is an important step. But beyond the type of building to be chosen, we will look at the location of the reception venue. In order to minimize the carbon footprint of your wedding, choose the location that will generate the least amount of motorized travel. Therefore, prefer a reception location close to your ceremony venue. If you have the possibility to organize it close to a train station, it will leave the possibility for your guests to come by train, rather than by car, to your wedding venue. You can even set up a shuttle bus or a carpool system on site to take your guests from the train station to the reception venue.

If the town hall is close to your venue, all these little people could get there on foot and it will make a significant impact! Then, choose a location close enough to the region where the majority of your guests reside. Moreover, if your location includes an accommodation capacity for all of your guests, you can avoid them having to take their car in the evening to go to bed and again the next day, if you organize a brunch for example.

The caterer

You can choose a local caterer, close to your place of reception in order to limit the transport of goods and personnel. Then you will have to hire a professional who respects the values of seasonality and locality of the ingredients. He will then be able to concoct you a menu from local and seasonal products, the impact of your food on the planet will then be significantly reduced.

You can also opt for organic and French wines and champagnes. As for beverages, instead of offering several bottled sodas and fruit juices, consider chasing up large glass bottles that you can then reuse and in which you can serve water flavoured with tap water and fresh, local fruits and herbs.

Also provide containers to collect leftovers from the meal and distribute them to your guests. This way you will limit the food waste of this type of event. Choose a meal served by the plate rather than a buffet, the quantities are generally more adapted.


A wedding is often a “Save the date”, an announcement with a reply form, a menu and a place card per person. And of course, the whole thing is made of paper. The most ecological solution for a sustainable announcement is, by far, the option of a digital one. However, if you still want a paper announcement to announce your big day, choose a stationery designer who uses recycled paper, just like envelopes. You can even choose “green” stamps.

As for placemarks, why not opt for a nice DIY, for example, you can write your guests’ names on pretty pebbles picked up near you. Display the menu and table plan on a large slate at the entrance of the dining room, that will be enough.

Dress and accessories

There are wedding dress designers who make their collection in France, it is an excellent initiative, however it is often a big budget. So why not rent your dress or buy it second hand. You can also find a seamstress who could touch up your mom’s wedding dress to create a unique and eco-friendly model.

For the suit, your shoes and your civil wedding outfit, if it is different, choose items that you can carry over. Some shoe designers even offer to dye your pumps in a more passe-partout color once your wedding is over!

Try to choose an ethical material for your wedding rings. There are jewelers who specialize in creating ethical and fair trade gold jewelry. You can also have family jewels redesigned in gold to create your custom wedding rings.


Growing and transporting flowers for your wedding represents a big environmental impact, especially if the flowers are an important part of your decoration in terms of volume. You can find a florist who is committed to the sustainable cultivation of flowers. As always, choose one close to your reception location to minimize travel.

You can also choose to decorate your room with potted plants rather than cut flowers, this way you can offer them to your guests and they won’t end up in the trash! You can do the same with pretty bouquets of dried flowers.

The decoration

The best way not to impact the environment in a negative way regarding the decoration of your wedding is still to rent your decoration. This way you will pay for only one use and everything will be reused. Banners, table linen, photo booth, decorative objects… Everything is possible! Avoid activities such as ball throwing or lanterns, even though lanterns can be made from recycled materials, you never really know where they might land…

In short, an eco-responsible wedding is about nature, local and as little motorized as possible!

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