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Premenopause: Facing capricious periods

Before menopause, women go through a hormonal transition period called premenopause. Menstruation can then become very heavy and can occur at any time, either very far apart or very close together. This is a difficult period for the woman who sometimes struggles to cope with it.

Does menopause suddenly appear?

The menopause corresponds to a stop in the functioning of the ovaries: there is no more ovulation and the production of hormones decreases.

However, this does not happen overnight. The dysfunction of the ovaries occurs gradually, and before the final cessation of menstruation, the woman experiences a period when menstruation is irregular: this is called the premenopause period.

When does premenopause occur?

The premenopause period begins on average around the age of 45, but it can begin at 40 or 50. It can last from 2 to 5 years, before menstruation stops completely.

What happens in my body?

Cycles change little by little as the production of progesterone decreases, sometimes resulting in heavier periods that can last longer.

Then estrogen also starts to go out of balance, with significant overproduction followed by sudden drops in production. In periods of hyperestrogenism, a woman may feel tension in the breasts and lower abdomen, similar to what she felt before her period. She is often more irritable than normal, more emotional and more sensitive. These sudden estrogen surges can also lead to heavy menstrual bleeding, as well as light bleeding between periods.

At this time of life, women often feel uncomfortable, not only because of the psychological aspect of approaching menopause, but also because of the irregular production of hormones and heavy bleeding that can occur at any time. The woman is constantly in the uncertainty of her cycle: when will her period occur? Is it necessary to protect oneself? Is it possible to plan a sports session?

It is then important to always have with you something to prevent unpredictable bleeding.

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