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Spice up your married life – Make your sex life a success

While having a fulfilling sex life does not necessarily guarantee good health, it has a strong effect on morale and therefore generates additional well-being.

The love market: in full evolution

While having a fulfilling sex life does not necessarily guarantee good health, it has a strong effect on morale and therefore generates additional well-being. Of course, a hectic libido has a positive influence on one’s life as a couple, so it is perfectly healthy to satisfy this natural and relaxing need. To do this, although objects or food supplements are not mandatory, they bring an additional asset to your sex life and can make an intimate moment as fun as it is pleasant.

The sale of sex toys is becoming more and more popular

Spice up your sex life thanks to the products offered by love-shop 2.0 If sex has long been a taboo subject, it tends today to become more democratic and remains an essential part of our lives. Perfect illustrations of this change of image, love-shops are becoming established all over the city and even in commercial areas. Formerly small shops hidden in a dark alley, they are now becoming real pleasure supermarkets with lingerie, DVDs, disguises, books, accessories and toys.

The products sold have also evolved with the times and come in all shapes and colors. The dildo becomes vibrant and adorns itself with all the colors of the rainbow, while other sex toys take on innocent shapes like a rabbit, a duck or a caterpillar. Gone are the days of creepy items, intended for an insider clientele, sextoys become accessible, glamorous and seduce more and more couples, married or libertines. If this market develops in stores, it also comes directly to you.

If at the time, one tried to sell you Tupperware in your living rooms, today the travelling saleswomen spread out a stock of erotic objects and fine lingerie. More discreet and friendly, the sale of sextoys at home allows women to organize a shopping evening with friends, away from prying eyes. The more personalized advice is also an additional advantage of this sales method. Today, these sex products are also becoming very popular gifts for birthdays and bachelor and bachelorette parties. Vibrators, edible g-strings, massage oils or erotic games can be offered between friends for a fun atmosphere.

The love-shop  are a great success.

Even if sex is less taboo than before and walking in a sex shop is becoming commonplace, there are still people who wish to keep a certain modesty about it. Sex, and the way it takes place, is an integral part of intimacy and it is normal to keep a certain mystery. Shy people can also enjoy carnal pleasures without being able to talk about it or find the courage to browse the shelves of a physical love-shop.

Internet is then a very practical and discreet alternative to do your sensual shopping, calmly, without being afraid of running into someone you know. The number of sites is countless and the biggest names in the sex industry offer designer accessories. This is for example the case of Marc Dorcel, the famous French porn movie director, who in addition to his DVD collection, presents lingerie, sextoys, oils and naughty games. With the growth of this market which is becoming more and more commonplace, new products supposed to boost the libido come to complete the shelves. In tablet, gel or elixir form, are these anti-pan and libido boosting food supplements reliable?

To spice up one’s sex life: dietary supplement or aphrodisiac food?

Which aphrodisiac food to choose? Apart from medicines, which are published by pharmaceutical laboratories, there are no real studies concerning food supplements dedicated to libido. Of course, the most reliable product is Viagra, but as for the rest, it is necessary to study their composition. Most dietary supplements are made from natural plants, known as aphrodisiacs. Since these miracle pills are not 100% safe, it is sometimes better to go directly to the plant in question, which is very good to cook at home.

Among the most well-known aphrodisiac foods we find :

1 – Arginine:

Known to stimulate blood circulation, this amino acid allows blood to flow more easily to the penis.

2 –  Saffron:

a spice known for its stimulating properties on the erogenous zones of the female and male body, it can be sprinkled on the dishes of a romantic dinner for 2. Its effectiveness on the libido comes from its richness in phytosterols, components from plants, known for their action on sexual reactivity.

3 –  The bandaged wood :

which bears its name well since it helps the blood vessels to dilate and thus allows a more durable erection. In women, it is the bark that provokes a rise in desire.

4 – Ginseng :

very famous, it acts on the adrenal cortex glands which stimulate the sexual organs.

5 – The ginger :

as famous as ginseng, it stimulates blood circulation in men and women and increases sexual desire.

6 – Cocoa:

Chocolate is known to release neurotransmitters in the brain, which instantly put us in a good mood. The body is more sensitive, more receptive and consequently, sexual desire develops.

7 – Anise:

Highly dosed in anethol, a substance similar to estrogen, it is an excellent aphrodisiac for women.

8 –  Clove :

particularly powerful, it increases blood flow and helps to achieve a stronger and longer-lasting erection. However, these plants are not a miracle cure, they can stimulate but in no case cure chronic problems. If you suffer from persistent sexual difficulties, whether it is breakdowns or lack of desire, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor to determine the origin of the problem. He will be able to determine whether your blockage is physical or psychological and advise you on effective medication. Sex toys or aphrodisiacs are not a substitute for medical treatment, they only spice up your love life. They are a pleasant complement to intimate moments and can reinforce the couple’s complicity.

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