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10 Tips for Quick Weight Loss


Some people find losing weight really a hard and frustrating thing to do. For you to lose weight effectively and fast while remaining healthy, you must control your diet and increase your exercise. Making these changes in your lifestyle helps you in obtaining the results that you would want. Every change that you make can give you a 1 to 3 pound decrease in excess weight by decreasing fluid retention and removing empty calories.

Stop drinking soda

Soda is a sure way to obtain empty calories and sugar since it’s filled with them. In can increase your weight without you noticing that it’s the cause of your sudden increase. Do these slowly to avoid withdrawal from caffeine then replace it and your other drinks with sugar free flavored liquid or water and lemon, doing this can help drop about 1 to 2 pounds in 1 week.

Eat a lot of fiber

Fiber can play a major role in your quest of losing weight since it makes you feel fuller faster, thus decreasing the amount of food you intake avoiding overeating. Instead of white bread, eat whole grain, then switch white rice with brown rice. The website caloriesperhour.com said that eating a lot of fiber helps improve the amount of energy you receive by keeping blood sugar level under control.

Be wary of your serving sizespure-raspberry-ketone1-3315313

Since restaurant serves a large amount, they distorted the portion sizes of food. Make sure that your plate contains grains as big as a tennis ball and a portion of protein the size of your palm. You can eat as much vegetables as you can, it can help you with the amount of vitamins and minerals that you’ll need. With the help of a standard portion size, you’ll be able to control the amount that you eat and give you a 1 to 2 pound decrease.

Eat frequently

To make sure that your metabolism is all fired up, make sure to eat every 3 to 4 hours. Eat your breakfast within the first hour after you woke up, and eat small nutritional snacks between meals. You’ll be able to burn surplus calories even while resting if you increase your metabolism. 3,500 worth of calories lost equals a drop of 1 pound of your weight.


If you want a quick weight loss, then you need exercise. Do cardio activity for about 30-45 minutes, like walking and jogging. Exercising your cardio can speed up your metabolism which means you can burn surplus weight faster than the regular non-aerobic exercise. You can also build your muscle strength by doing 3 days of training using weights.

Monitor what you eat

It’s recommended that tracking what you eat can help you make a healthy and nutritious choice of food for your diet. Track the amount of calories that you consume and the size of each serving using a meal journal. This gives you an idea of your calorie intake. Writing what you eat helps you in being aware of what kind of food you eat. It can also help you in losing weight quickly since it gives you the idea of what food you should eat.

Be positive

Remember that you’re doing this for yourself and not for others. Trying to be fit by copying the body of someone else won’t get you anywhere since you’re different in a genetic level. Stick with a program and be proud with your new lifestyle and with yourself. You’ll notice a faster change in your weight when you feel that you’re motivated, being motivated also helps you keep it up for long term results.

Seek support

If you find exercise and dieting hard, try finding a buddy or someone who would accompany you while you work out. Eat with people who know that you are dieting so they can support you. There are weight loss programs that can provide you with assistance.

Slow down

Slow down when eating, this allows you to eat less by savoring the food. Eating less means you’ll less. According to the diet channel, the brain tells the stomach that it’s full within 20 minutes.

Drink Waterwater-2860757

Water helps you in flushing toxins and fat out of your body. You must drink a minimum of 64 ounces every day.

I hope you like the above tips to lose weight, which can make you slim & gorgeous too. If you want to know more about weight loss with the help of vitamins and proper diet then you can checkout Vitamundo. They have explained everything you need to know about healthy diet.

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