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3 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Fiber

It is a common knowledge that fiber helps with weight loss. The fiber content in food gives you the feeling of fullness quickly and for longer making you consume fewer calories. Despite this information, still many individuals do not have an adequate fiber intake. While women should be getting at least 25 g. of fiber every day, the majority only gets 15 g. as per Keri Gans who is a dietician based in New York. She has authored the book The Small Change Diet. To know when you are not getting enough fiber every day, below are the signs.

You do not have a daily bowel movement. You do not have to wait for situations when you are already constipated as this is already a worse scenario. You actually have to avoid this scenario as it could lead to more serious conditions if toxins are not flushed out of your body after a few days. Not having regular bowel movement is enough sign you lack fiber in your body.

Your cholesterol level is high. Fiber helps reduce high cholesterol levels and having high cholesterol levels could mean you are deficient in fiber. As cholesterol gloms onto fiber so it can excrete from the body as fiber does. When there is not much fiber to which they can glom onto, they could stay inside your body as there are not many ways to get flushed out of the body.

You easily get hungry. Fiber gives you a feeling of fullness longer. It takes more time to digest fiber so it stays longer in your digestive system, giving you a sense of fullness. Being hungry quickly could mean you lack fiber. You might have taken other foods like simple carbs, which easily digest and stimulate you to become hungry as often while taking so much empty calories which contribute to gaining more weight than losing it.

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