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5 Painless Ways to Cut 500 Calories from Your Diet

There are many diet plans that can help get rid of dramatic amount of weight in very less time. This might be true for several diet plans, but as soon as you stop following these diet plans you gain the weight back ultimately.

Most of the dieticians say that for the lasting weight reduction, the best and effective way is to get into slow as well as healthy diets and exercises. Most of the chronic dieters are aware of the fact, to reduce weight, one must consume calories lesser than you expend in physical work. A single pound of weight equals 3500 calories. For losing a pound, the dieter has to cut this much calorie from their daily diet or just burn them away through daily exercise.


The safest and most effective equations for losing a pound in a week are cutting down 500 calories every day. This actually means that for losing a pound of your weight within a week, one must eat 500 calories lesser or burn at least 500 calories every day. The most effective method for losing weight is the combination of the above two methods. Now, I would list 5 the almost painless ways of cutting 500 calories in your diet daily.

Reduce the amount of Soda intake. Soda is one of the biggest sources of extra calories in a minimal American diet. Every cup (approx. 8 oz.) regular soda consists of more than 100 calories, while some contain more than 150 calories in each cup. In case you have 2-3 12oz. can each day, then you can easily cut down 500 calories through soda only. Make-over (or under) the salad. Salad has been very popular amongst the dieters. Many dieters consume the wrong type of salad, though, hindering loss in weight. Full-fat dressings, full-fat cheeses, bacon bit, plus other high add-in that are quite high in fat and calorie might make the salads more caloric rather than being a Big Mac! For lightening up the salads (plus yourself), stick to low- fat cheeses, low-fat, fat-free dressings or vinaigrette.


Cut Down Sizes of the Portions. This looks like the obvious tips to lose weight. Most dieters do worry that they might be very hungry or unsatisfied in case they reduce amount of meals. In case you put lesser on your plate, or probably take fewer bites in every meal, the amount of calorie reduction might really add on.


Go for Healthier Foods. In case you go for foods that are healthier, you might be able to have more. Food like a cheeseburger, French fry, cakes, and other unhealthy foods consist of a lot of fats and calorie. It is one of the obvious points. We are aware that such food is not good for us. In case you cut down on such food and replace it with healthier ones, you might be capable to have more amount of food.

Pro Tip : Drink Plenty of Water Everyday as It will help to Flush Out your System. Check out this great article to know More on this.

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