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Tea can actually help one lose weight!

If you have been fussy and mindful about losing weight, you must have already tried a lot of techniques to date? Of those some might have proven to be good and effective in ways, while others might have been pure disappointment. What if you were told that even tea could actually aid in the loss of weight? Surprised! Yes, who wouldn’t be, but there are genuine reasons that can support and prove the point. And surely there cannot be something all the more easy and convenient than a humble cup of refreshment every morning or evening. Therefore, consumption of tea can be a very good weight loss technique. However, not every variety of tea is going to aid you in the process. So here are certain things to look at before you just start following the process.

Which teas are good for burning of fats?

Now, as already mentioned earlier, not every tea can actually aid you in the fat burning process. There are certain types of teas that will only prove to be very effective. Some of these are –

Green Tea – the main benefit of consuming green tea is it contains anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants actually aid in flushing out all negative fluids in your body and maintain purity. This is also the best tea for the process of fat burning. It boosts up metabolism in the body and also, thermogenic fat burning process. It contains just enough caffeine to assist in the fat burning process in the body. Consumption of green tea brings about well being as it aids in the process of maintaining good health. So, green is probably the best way to go!

White Tea – This type of tea aids well in the process of fat absorption.

Dandelion root – Besides fat burning, it helps in removing toxins from your body, thereby rendering a detoxifying effect.

Lemon balm – This aids in the digestion process in the body.

Ginger root – It is caffeine free and yet, good for burning of fats in the human body.

Chanomile – This helps in assisting a person with attaining proper sleep that is required of the body.


All of the teas mentioned above also have some extra additional benefits other than just the fat burning effect. Also, you might like to know that none of these should actually be consumed with milk. Addition of milk may hamper the process. Also, adding of too much sugar is a strict no!

When purchasing such teas from the market, one should be rather careful. Some contain a laxative effect to aid in fat loss, but that is not the right way to go ahead. Always look for teas that are natural and organic in nature.

If you wish to find the right tea, go ahead and try most of them, as that way you will know the tea which suits your taste right. It is good to enjoy the tea and not merely treat is as a normal weight loss technique. So next time you feel that need to eat some snack, go ahead and grab a cup of tea!

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