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The weight loss market is awash numerous slimming pills and regimens promising ‘miraculous’ results within no time. The green coffee bean extract is one such product that has been generating a buzz lately.  However, unlike some other ineffectual or harmful weight loss supplements, green coffee bean supplement has been proven to offer significant immediate and long-term weight loss benefits.

What are Green Coffee Beans?

Unlike the roasted full bodied coffee beans we consume in our brown or black coffee, green coffee beans are raw, unroasted
beans that contain sufficient amounts of chlorogenic acid, caffeine and antioxidants that aid the liver in effectively processing fatty acids. Simply drinking coffee will not produce the desired weight loss benefits derived from taking the natural extracts. This is because the essential components to lose weight are more active and present in higher concentrations in raw unheated green beans.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work – Ingredients and the Mechanism behind that?

Chloregenic acid is the most important active ingredient present in green beans that accelerates weight loss. The acid boosts the liver in the speedy and effective processing of fatty acids in the body. It also decelerates the rate of sugar and carbohydrates absorption and blocks accumulation of fats in the body.  This increased metabolism and low carbohydrate absorption, reduces the amount of fats stored in the body resulting in weight reduction.

In addition to slowing down the absorption of fats and boosting the metabolism process, the acid also functions as an appetite suppressant. Thermo genesis coupled with the continued breakdown of fats reduces hunger, enabling one to go longer between meals. As a result, our craving and consumption of high calorie foods is also significantly reduced.

Natural anti-oxidants present in beans help replenish and cleanse blood cells by protecting them from free radicals. Caffeine also triggers the release of the hormone epinephrine, which stimulates the breakdown and release of fat in our body.

Other additional benefits

Although most individuals consume coffee extracts for the sole purpose of losing weight, there are other additional benefits that make this supplement a better choice compared to other products. Chlorogenic acid reduces the risk of high blood pressure by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Other malignant forms of heart diseases or heart attacks may also be kept at bay due to improved energy levels and increased blood circulation, which is essential for overall mental and physical wellbeing.

It also has anti-aging properties and has for a long time been used as a key ingredient in anti-aging products. This is because the anti-oxidants and chlorogenic acid destroy the free radicals that may cause aging. According to testimonies provided by users, the supplement also improves the appearance of cellulite.

Tested and Proven

The influx of many slimming pills begs questions as to what really works. Finding a tried, tested, and proven product is a step closer to finding the right supplement that suits you. The supplements are credible since they have been proven by several experimental researches.

A study published by the Scientific Review revealed that subjects who used the extracts lost 5.7% of their initial weight compared to their counterparts who were given placebos. Another study conducted over a period of 22 weeks with a sample of 16 overweight participants discovered that users who consumed the pill lost an average of 18 pounds. This study was published by the journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity.

Reasons green bean extracts are a better alternative

The Green bean extract is safe to use since it has been made from pure natural organic extracts. The lack of processed inorganic elements reduces the risk of harm and adverse side effect to users. The supplement has also been proven to provide effective results even in the absence of regular exercises. However, it is always advised that you take a balanced diet and perform exercises to not only enhance the effectiveness of the pill but to also improve your overall health.

Side Effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract

The supplement has been found to have no adverse harmful effects. However, due to the high amounts of caffeine available in the extract, individuals with certain health consist may experience varying degrees of side-effects or reactions. Pregnant women and patients with diabetes, osteoporosis, anxiety, and bleeding disorders are instructed to exercise precaution or seek medical advice before using the green bean extract supplement.

The supplement is an effective slimming pill that has been tried, tested, and proven. The supplement’s ability to boost metabolism, reduce the absorption and accumulation of fats, and suppress appetites provides great weight loss benefits. Not to mention that anyone trying to look fabulous can benefit from its anti-aging properties. The extract is therefore the supplement of choice for trimming your figure, keeping fit, and staying ageless.

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