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Aging better through sport!

Sport is good for your health. I know I’m not teaching you anything with this sentence… We have already seen the health benefits of physical activity in a wide variety of ways. But have we already mentioned its anti-ageing aspects?

Focus on a study that highlights the benefits of sport on ageing!

In search of the fountain of youth

Always in search of the fountain of youth, researchers are constantly looking for the miracle solution that will allow us to age better. Most of them have therefore carried out various studies whose aim is to help you reduce wrinkles, or even better, delay their appearance.

At Saarland University in Hamburg, Ulrich Laufs has conducted research on athletes as well as mice. As a result, exercise regulates telomerase in the body. This enzyme is known for its role in the processes of cancerisation and senescence.

A Canadian study has also carried out studies in this direction with 29 volunteers aged between 20 and 84 years old.

The health benefits of sport

In addition to delaying the ageing of cells, sport also has many significant benefits. For example, it prevents age-related diseases such as joint and cardiovascular problems. Furthermore, sport regulates the blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

In addition, doing sport helps you to lose weight and maintain it. The only condition is to opt for this rejuvenation cure from a very young age to maintain and preserve the suppleness and elasticity of the skin.

However, it’s never too late to take up sport, whatever your age. All you have to do is to take it easy.

Choosing an effective sport

Taking up sport requires a lot of willpower and patience. You won’t become a confirmed athlete overnight and the first benefits can arrive several weeks after the activity begins. It takes a lot of preparation, which depends mainly on the choice you make.

You can choose gymnastics, cross-country running, skipping rope, jogging, swimming, tai chi, yoga, cycling, golf or indoor sports. The aim is to choose a sport that pleases you and not just to do it in the hope of getting younger quickly.

In order to start well and above all to obtain the desired effects, it is recommended to be followed by a professional and qualified coach. The latter will accompany you individually or in a group, in order to better follow your progress. He helps you to give the best of yourself and to encourage you. All the more so as after a certain age, it is important to always have someone at your side in case of discomfort.

Sport has always been inseparable from good health. Researchers have even shown that physical activity not only helps you get back into shape, but also slows down the effects of old age. It is therefore essential to start as early as possible to sculpt a dream body, and to maintain it for as long as possible!


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