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Basil essential oil, ideal in case of overwork in 2021

Basil essential oil, ideal in case of overwork.

You are overworked, stressed, under constant pressure and of course, this has an impact on your mood, digestion and sleep?

Today we offer you a natural solution to all these problems: basil essential oil.

A life far too stressful

For most of us, we are all under heavy professional pressure, with agendas that never end, not to mention the second day that comes after working with children and household activities!

It is difficult to reconcile everything without feeling stress and anxiety for fear of not being able to do it. Some of us are able to endure this state of permanent stress (and that’s even what makes them move forward), but for many, it’s the opposite, this pressure, this permanent anxiety ends up becoming chronic and gnawing at us from the inside, causing stomach aches, insomnia, even depression.

We then accumulate various medications, to relax, to sleep better, to relieve digestive problems… but without really finding an ideal solution.

Why not try a natural solution that could relieve all these symptoms at once?

For this, let’s turn to aromatherapy, and especially to Basil essential oil.

Basil essential oil to take a breath of fresh air.

A natural sleeping pill

The essential oil of Basil is a wonderful relaxing, even sedative oil. Some people even use it as a sleeping pill to avoid taking stronger medications.

To do this, simply take 1 drop of Basil essential oil at dinner mixed in a little edible vegetable oil (or on a neutral tablet) and then another drop before going to bed.

A powerful antispasmodic

When we are permanently stressed, it is not uncommon for the digestive system to suffer the consequences: stomach aches, bloating …

The essential oil of Basil, with its powerful antispasmodic effect, will very quickly relieve these digestive spasms.

In practice, we can take the essential oil of Basil orally: 1 drop 2 to 3 times a day diluted in a little edible vegetable oil or on a neutral tablet.

You can also prepare a solution for massage with 50 drops of essential oil of Basil diluted in a 30 ml bottle of Macadamia vegetable oil, and apply 2 to 3 times a day on the belly massage in the direction of transit (clockwise).

A relaxing effect when you are under stress.

In diffusion, the essential oil of Basil helps relaxation. Its very sweet scent goes very well with other relaxing oils such as Bitter orange or Mandarin tree.

In practice, let diffuse about ten drops of Basil essential oil (associated with other oils if you wish) 5 minutes per hour to keep a relaxing atmosphere throughout the day or, for a better sleep, let diffuse 15 minutes in the room before bedtime.

Finally, I feel better!

And when you feel less stressed, more relaxed, more relaxed, when your stomach doesn’t hurt anymore, everything is better… your morale goes up, you sleep better. Isn’t that great?

Some precautions for use

The essential oil of Basil, because of its powerful antispasmodic activity, is reserved for adults. It is, moreover, contraindicated in certain people: pregnant or nursing women and epileptic subjects.

If the symptoms persist (severe chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, stomach aches), do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Choosing a good essential oil of basil big green

To choose a good essential oil of basil, one must keep in mind its optimal biochemical composition, its physical and organoleptic characteristics as well as some notions about its geographical exploitation.

Common name: Basil big green, Sweet basil with linalool, Pistou
Latin name: Ocimum basilicum linaloliferum var. “Big green”.
Botanical family: Lamiaceae
Distilled part: Flowering plant

Biochemical composition

The biochemical composition is likely to evolve according to production conditions.

Main chemical compound : Monoterpenols (Linalol 50 to 55 %)
Other Chemical Compounds: Phenols (Eugenol 6 to 8%), Oxides (Cineole 7 to 10%), Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes

Physical characteristics

A good essential oil of Basil should have the following physical characteristics:

Density at 20°C: 0.930 to 0.960
Refractive index at 20°C: 1.490 to 1.520
Rotating power at 20°C: -20° to +5°.
Flash point: +75°C

Organoleptic characteristics

The oil is pale yellow to amber yellow, very liquid, limpid and has a fresh, spicy and slightly aniseed fragrance.

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