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Why Blueberry mouthwash can prevent tartar build-up in 2021?

Do you like blueberries? Good, it’s good news, because it prevents the formation of plaque and gum inflammation.

Blueberry mouthwash Proven anti-scale action

A recent study conducted in Laval, Canada, and published in the Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, shows that wild blueberries are excellent for preventing plaque formation.

Indeed, the polyphenols contained in wild blueberry extract have the ability to inhibit the growth of the Fusobacterium nucleatum bacterium, which is responsible for the appearance of dental plaque, which can lead to gum inflammation, known as gingivitis.

This gingivitis causes swelling, redness and bleeding and can even be at the origin of periodontal disease responsible for the loosening of the teeth.

An anti-inflammatory action

In addition to its action on its ability to prevent the development of bacteria that cause dental plaque, bilberry can also reduce inflammation of the gums: experiments conducted on macrophages (immune system cells that play a key role in the inflammatory reaction) have, in fact, demonstrated the ability of polyphenols to block gum inflammation.

Towards a new treatment based on bilberry extract

In the event of periodontal disease, to avoid the loosening of the teeth, the dentists sometimes prescribe antibiotics to avoid the proliferation of the bacteria at the origin of the dental plaque.

The results of this recent work would make it possible to find an alternative to the antibiotics: the scientists work from now on a device which would make it possible to diffuse the bilberry extract gradually after a thorough cleaning of the teeth.

While waiting for this treatment, don’t hesitate to drink blueberry juice, your gums will thank you!

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