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Is your breastfeeding going badly in 2021? Homeopathy, an interesting ally

breastfeeding going badly Homeopathy, an interesting ally

Homeopathy will be of great help for the small problems of breastfeeding: not enough milk, cracks, engorgement?

Not enough milk, too much milk, cracked breasts, engorgement… small problems that can disrupt the smooth progress of breastfeeding. Rest assured, homeopathy is there to help you solve these little problems so that everything goes as well as possible for mom and baby.

when I breastfeed, I don’t have enough milk

  • To stimulate lactation, there is a basic treatment: Ricinus 5 CH, 5 granules morning and evening. A small diet rich in lentils… and beer (still to be consumed in moderation!) will also be galactogenic.
  • Fatigue can lead to a drop in milk production. In this case, Ricinus must be accompanied by Phosphorus acidum 5 CH, 3 granules 2 to 4 times a day.

I have too much milk, when breastfeeding

  • To limit a too abundant milk production : Calcarea carbonica 15 CH, 5 granules morning and evening.
  • If, in addition, your breasts are painful, hypersensitive, add: Lac caninum 5CH, 3 granules twice a day.

I have a breast engorgement

  • My milk doesn’t flow anymore, my breasts are heavy, painful and hard: Phytolacca 5CH and Belladona 5 CH, 5 granules of each every 2 hours until the symptoms improve.

The little complementary tip: put your engorged breast under very hot water and massage it.

  • Caution: if the breast becomes very red and painful and you have a slight fever, it may be an abscess, following a crack that has become infected. In this case, you should see a doctor urgently. You can take Pyrogenium 5CH, 3 granules, while you go to the doctor.

I have a crevice after breastfeeding.Breastfeeding is good for the baby's health.

  • The nipple is very painful and slightly cracked: Castor Equi ointment, to be applied after each feeding. If the crack is quite important, add 5 granules 3 times a day of Petroleum 5 CH.

The little complementary tip: for the bravest, just put a few drops of lemon juice on the crack: it is painful, but radical!

  • If the pain is very important during feeding: Phytolacca 5 CH, 5 granules 3 times a day.

After breastfeeding, I have to start weaning

  • To help dry up milk secretion: Calcarea carbonica 15 CH, Pulsatilla 15 CH and Lac caninum 15 CH, 5 granules of each 3 times a day, to alternate with Ricinus 30 CH, 1 dose 3 mornings in a row, until total cessation of lactation.

Your breastfeeding will now be nothing but happiness!

Breastfeeding, for your baby or for your own health, it’s all good! Best food designed for your baby, economical, immune booster.

Breastfeeding strengthens the immune system.

Breast milk provides the child with unparalleled immunity to bacteria and viruses. While breastfeeding, the mother passes on her own antibodies to the child: IgA (Immunoglobulin A), which is particularly loaded in colostrum. These elements make the mucous membrane of the baby’s intestine impermeable to infectious agents.

Hence the innumerable benefits of breast milk on the health of breastfed children, at an intensity proportional to the duration of breastfeeding. Thanks to their immune system acquired through breastfeeding, breastfed babies are ten times less likely to be hospitalized during the first year of life than bottle-fed babies, five times less likely to be affected by rotavirus gastroenteritis and suffer three times less from diarrheal diseases.

Breastfeeding also provides significant protection against ear infections, rhinopharyngitis, angina and laryngitis, not to mention bronchiolitis. Breastfeeding would also prevent asthma provided it is exclusive and prolonged for at least 4 months. In the longer term, it reduces the risk of childhood cancer and diabetes. For all these reasons, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends breastfeeding for two years.

Breast milk, an optimal nutritional composition

No artificial supplement can duplicate the nutrients your baby needs from breast milk or the benefits it provides. Human milk is a unique combination of fats, sugar, minerals, proteins, vitamins and enzymes that promotes optimum growth of the baby’s brain and body.

What’s more, it adapts in its composition over the months and even during the feeding: first the drink, water and mineral salts, with small sweetening, anti-infectious and enzymatic maternal proteins, and lactose. Then the caseins and finally the fats, which provide the feeling of satiety. This is why breastfeeding alone is sufficient during the first six months of a baby’s life.

Breast milk would also be extremely beneficial to the cerebral development of the infant, due to its richness in “good fats”, the essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6.

Breastfeeding allows an emotional closeness with the child.

Breastfeeding is THE emotional food par excellence. By providing the child with the emotional security of skin-to-skin contact, the mother-child bond is affirmed. Breastfeeding is thus one of the guarantees of a good psychological, emotional and affective balance in adulthood.

For psychoanalysts, breastfeeding would also allow the first few weeks to facilitate the transition from life in utero to post-natal life. One speaks moreover of the fourth trimester of pregnancy to evoke the first three months of life with a baby, so much the need for fusion is real and beneficial for both the baby and his mother. And breastfeeding is the most legitimate maternity practice for this.

Major benefit of breastfeeding: it’s free!

Compare this with the average cost of a year’s supply of formula cans (about $900), plus the total annual cost of ancillary equipment (bottles, nipples, water, sterilizer, electricity), between $95 and $120. Not to mention the savings in medical care! Admittedly, breastfeeding may require some purchases: nursing bra, shells, pads and nursing pillow? But it is still less than the purchase of infant milk.

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