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The health benefits of cider vinegar in 2021?

discover the Benefits of apple cider vinegar for women

Apple cider vinegar contains a large number of nutrients and chemical compounds that make it an effective natural ingredient in treating a large number of diseases and preventing others. To fully get the benefits of apple cider vinegar; Raw types should be used, which retain the beneficial bacteria and enzymes that are not found in the impure types.

Cider vinegar is good for health but also for beauty! It indeed abounds in benefits, discover them in this article.

For several centuries, a certain number of cultures have lent cider vinegar a multitude of benefits. Helps digestion, anti-fatigue, anti-cholesterol? Would cider vinegar be a super-food hidden in our closets?

Cider vinegar, a vinegar like no other?

Cider vinegar contains less acetic acid than its cousin wine vinegar, but it has many essential acids and enzymes. It also has a high content of minerals, such as potassium. Naturally antioxidant and low in calories, it is the ally of your line. It promotes fat burning and contains pectin, a carbohydrate that stimulates the feeling of satiety.

Cider vinegar: a “super-food” in 2021?

Cold, respiratory or digestive problems, cholesterol, joint pain, hypertension, cider vinegar is what is called a “medicine”. A food with active properties on our health. Cider vinegar acts effectively as :

  • an anticholesterol,
  • a re-mineralizer,
  • a digestive stimulant,
  • an immunostimulant,
  • a cleanser and cellular regenerator,
  • a tonic for the nervous and cardiac system,
  • an anti-fatigue…

When applied to the skin, it is also very effective against sunburn and mosquito bites. And you can also use it to stimulate the shine of your hair!

Cider vinegar, how to use it?

Cider vinegar in your diet
Include vinegar in your diet to :

  • Fight against diabetes,
  • Help you lose weight,
  • Reduce your cholesterol,
  • Make a detox cure,
  • Clear your sinuses,
  • Facilitate your digestion
  • Boost your energy,
  • Treat your sore throat…

Here are a few ideas of recipes with cider vinegar :

  • A light dressing salad vinaigrette:
    Mix 60 ml of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of mustard, 125 ml of cider vinegar, 30 ml of honey and a little salt until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous texture. Store it in a jar in the fridge and garnish your salads with this detox and healthy dressing!
  • A detox drink :
    In a large glass of hot water, pour 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of ground ginger. This drink is also perfect if you have a cold! It should be consumed on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals to promote better fat digestion.

Cider vinegar in the bathroomdiscover the Benefits of apple cider vinegar in our life

Cider vinegar is advised to treat a cold, a sore throat or to clear the sinuses. But when applied to the skin, it soothes itching like a mosquito bite. Pass a cotton soaked in cider vinegar over your bites and let it work. Anti-bacterial, the vinegar will help you breathe better in case of sinus infections or colds, simply drink it diluted in a glass of water. As for a sore throat, simply gargle with a mixture of lukewarm water and cider vinegar, in equal parts.

As you have seen, cider vinegar is a great ally for your health, but that’s not all!

It is also a friend of your beauty. Applied in rinsing, it brings an incomparable brightness to your hair and eliminates the dandruff. Rinsing your hair once a week with cider vinegar also helps to rebalance the pH of your scalp. Mix 75 ml of cider vinegar in 1 liter of water. After your usual shampoo, use this mixture to rinse your hair and then rinse it again with clear water.

You can also use it diluted in water as a tonic lotion. Just as it helps to balance the pH of your scalp, it will do the same on the pH of the skin on your face. It removes impurities and helps fight acne flare-ups. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, it is also an excellent anti-odorant and can therefore completely replace your deodorant. A 100% natural option! Don’t worry, the smell of cider vinegar disappears as soon as it dries.

And that’s not all! Cider vinegar helps whiten teeth, accelerates the healing of bruises, fights against bad breath, eliminates bad foot odor… in short, we’re not done using it yet!


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